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Hey, Jealousy

Previously on Smash: Ivy got naked for the Bombshell audience, Derek gave one of Karen's songs to Ana, and Tom discovered Julia had been helping Hit List.

Momadette hugs Ivy after the curtain call at the very last preview. Bobby rushes up to tell her what people are saying about the show online, and Jessica interrupts, because Ivy's in a media blackout until opening night. Good plan. That will totally last till the first commercial break.

Out in the house, Julia is throwing out other public-domain media properties to adapt into musicals, and I definitely want to see Lord of the Flies: The Musical Extravaganza! (Although I saw Matilda last night, which is kind of along those lines. It's great!) Tom shoots down every idea she has, which Julia thinks is because he's still mad about Richard's story in the Times. Man, these two need to go On a Break. Tom brushes off her last couple of ideas -- The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Because $150 tickets for a target audience of three-year-olds is a winning business concept! -- says they'll worry about their next project after this one opens, and rushes off to have drinks with a producer.

Agnes Rubin-Vega tells Eileen she tried to get the Times to tell her what their review would be like and asks if Richard said anything. Eileen tells her she and Richard aren't seeing eye-to-eye lately and she's even thinking of uninviting him from opening night. Agnes points out that press is press and it's a shitty idea to piss off the editor of Arts & Leisure.

Downtown, Scott comes backstage and tells the company of Hit List that they're sold out for the rest of the run, and they've been invited to Bombshell's opening night! Karen tries to arrange her face into something approximating unhappiness, but she just looks like she's either hungry or maybe has been hit in the head with one of those shotguns that fire beanbags. She slumps away to ritualistically snip off all her split ends. Jimmy follows and asks if she wants to go to the opening with him. She says she's not going, since she used to be the lead and let's not forget that Karen is an asshole. "It's like going to your ex's wedding," she manages to grunt through beleaguered sighs, because it is SO HARD being Karen Cartwright. Jimmy offers to be her revenge date at the ex's wedding. It is such a shame his dealer is going to kill him and throw his body in the Gowanus.

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