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Prelude to a Flop

She pulls him off into a corner and says she didn't want him back in the show and was overruled. She stammers some more stuff about Shrek and Dull Leo and Michael is staring at her mouth the whole time, and oh my god, Julia, get a grip on yourself! Michael is about to kiss her and she pushes him away, then leaves. He's all moany-faced, staring after her.

Tom is trying out a new melody when Julia comes in from backstage. He stops playing and she says dramatically, "I could kill you." Tom starts explaining how the show will work fine if they just fix that last bit and Julia says she's not talking about the show and angry-brags that Michael just tried to kiss her. She asks why Tom let Eileen and Derek put Michael back in the show and says that contractually, they couldn't have outvoted both Julia and Tom. Ah. That would have been helpful to know last week.

Tom explains -- again, for those like Julia who are too dumb for logic -- that the show would have gone down in flames if they'd tried to put a brand-new actor in the role two days before the first preview. "You put the show so far ahead of me and my family I might not be able to save it," Julia says and Tom quite sensibly points out that Julia did that. He says he tried to tell her not to get involved with Michael and she says she made a mistake that she's trying to fix. Tom says she can't blame him for this, but she is determined to because JULIA IS TERRIBLE.

Tom says he stood by Julia and hasn't been stoning her for adultery because he loves her and wants to be there for her, but he wouldn't sit there and watch the show he worked just as hard on go up in flames just because Julia is a faithless hussy. "And that is not my fault," he says. "Nothing's ever your fault," Julia says. "You're so righteous." No, he's actually right, Julia. And you are wrong. She says the two of them are such a team, except that they're not, because the show is more important than all of them. Well, it's certainly more expensive and, you know, it's dozens of people's jobs, but what does all that matter when it comes to Julia's precious fucking family? Tom is crying and Julia repeats, "We're not a team." She leaves and goes back to the hotel, yelling that she'll finish the stupid song. God, she is such a selfish bitch.

Bobby, walking down the street with Jessica and the dancer who's Karen's roommate -- whose name I should totally learn -- says it's official: Rebecca is coming back. Just hide an EpiPen in one of those opera gloves she wears and everything'll be peachy! They head into a bar where Dev and Karen are sitting morosely over a pair of drinks. Karen says she's relieved Rebecca will be back. Dev assures her she'll get her shot and she says she has more important things to think about, because the folks back in Iowa are going to freak out and throw her an enormous pink bridal shower. Bobby asks Ivy if she's heard the news. She confirms she has and orders a drink, then suggests shots. Dev looks over at her, and she shakes her head no -- meaning she hasn't found the ring.

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