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Public Enemies

Outside, Karen, Ivy and the dancers are gossiping about how royally Rebecca will eff things up today. Karen defends Rebecca when Ivy says, "Ugh, she's a nightmare." "I like her," Karen replies. Rebecca apparently has a force field that alerts her whenever a potential new sycophant is within pouncing distance, so she waves goodbye to the paparazzi and hails Karen. Who just barely manages not to throw herself on the filthy street and slobber all over Rebecca's boots. Rebecca invites Karen out for the evening, hopefully so she can cut out her still-beating heart and devour it whole, the better to preserve her otherworldly beauty. (Wait. That's Charlize Theron.)

At Eileen's office, Tom hates Rebecca again. He insists that Derek not replace songs with dialogue and Derek says there are a lot of ways to build a musical. Most of them still involve songs, though. Tom snipes a little more and then Derek laughs at him, because honestly, if a diminutive gay Broadway composer having a temper tantrum can't come up with a better line than "You're the director. Why don't you -- oh, what is the word? --direct?" than he doesn't deserve to win the argument or be America's next drag superstar (Chad Michaels FTW!).

As all four of them file out, Ellis stops Julia and says Dull Leo called and will bore Shrek slightly longer than originally planned. Hopefully he'll do it offscreen or at the new military school I've just invented called Sergeant Sara's School for Insufferable TV Children (there's a picture of Zoey Bartlet hanging over every bed).

At Karen's, she's surprised to see Dev home early and asks if he got fired. "No, it's too much fun to keep me around and torture me," Dev says. She suggests he quit, because Karen lives in a magical land where rent is free, you don't have to buy food because someone will always bum you a cigarette and jobs grow on job trees. Dev says he's quite happy to keep his job, where he gets paid to sit around and do nothing, but still leave early so he can take his girlfriend out to dinner. Karen explains that she has a date with a movie star. Dev's like, okay, but this is the last time I'm bailing you and Mickey Rourke out of the Tombs.

Rebecca and Karen's date. They exit a limo as photographers holler at Rebecca and sneak in the back door of Galapagos in DUMBO. Karen says she loves the band that's playing, so Rebecca drags her up on stage and shoves her in front of the microphone. Randall asks what Rebecca's diabolical plan is, but she refrains from detailing the exact organ-eating method she has in mind, just saying that she's checking out the competition. Karen exchanges two words with the guitarist and launches flawlessly into Snow Patrol's "Run." Yes, show, we get it -- you think Karen is brilliant and perfect and wonderful at everything, except for her federally-mandated One Adorable Flaw, which is that she's a slightly subpar dancer, because klutziness is so cute and relatable! Everyone applauds and Rebecca hugs Karen, telling her, "You are not an understudy. You are a star!" And I will destroy you, she doesn't say.

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