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Public Enemies

At the rehearsal hall, Karen is singing the new ballad as Tom accompanies. Ivy, out in the hall, can hear her and she agrees when Ellis says, "She sounds pretty good." She also agrees when he tries to suck up to her, saying, "But you should have that song." Karen and Tom come out of the room and Ivy invites herself along for drinks with Tom and Sam. Ivy asks if Karen wants to join them, but says that she's having dinner with Rebecca and Dev. Ivy pokes a little fun at her new tabloid life and Karen says her parents called three times to ask if she's a lesbian now. Sure. Because people in Iowa -- the only state outside the northeast with marriage equality -- think that's how it works.

Julia and Shrek are interrogating Dull Leo's friend from the Great Pot-Smoking Escapade. Mason says he and Leo don't hang out anymore, that Leo's more into wrestling. But the wrestling team pointed them toward Mason. Mason is totally hiding Leo in his bedroom. Either that or at night he wears his skin as a cape.

Eileen and Nick go to an art thing at BAM. Jerry is also there, with a fourteen-year-old who's wearing a handkerchief and calls Eileen "Mrs. Rand." Nick isn't impressed with the art and Jerry makes a rather grotesque show of draping himself around the waist of his date (who is about two feet taller than he is) as he dismissively calls Nick a populist. Nick has a very smug I'm-banging-your-ex-wife look on his face throughout. Later, Jerry accosts Eileen and needles her about "dating the pool boy." She's very polite and doesn't call Jerry's date a flotation device; rather, she tells Nick she's also bored and they leave to go suck face in the town car.

Karen and Dev have picked an Indian restaurant for dinner with Rebecca and she proves she's not from around here by spurning the tap water. Bitch, our tap water is delicious. And then Rebecca does a ridiculous Apu-style accent while interrogating Dev about her peanut allergy and it's very nice of Dev not to get up and walk out of the restaurant (and the show) altogether.

At Tom's apartment, Sam asks Tom if he's okay and says he's been quiet all night. Tom spills the news about Dull Leo (and has to clarify to Sam who Leo is, because no one likes Leo!) and breaks down in tears.

Over dinner, Rebecca explains that using the press is a game and Dev says the press actually doesn't like being used. The contrast the show is trying to draw here is pretty false -- Rebecca's talking about paparazzi and celebrity journalism, while the press Dev deals with covers school board meetings and the mayoral race. He's getting all bothered because she's okay with alerting TMZ to her every movement. He asks if Rebecca wants the entire world to think Karen is her lover and she says she just wants Karen to be a star. Well, it worked for Anne Heche.

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