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Public Enemies

Dev and Rebecca argue about what Karen wants -- to be or not to be a star -- even though it's clear that what Karen wants is for the Blue Fairy to touch the block of wood that Geppetto has carved and make her a real live girl one day. Rebecca sighs that she knew Dev would be a problem. She says Dev's losing control of Karen and that he's clearly scared. Dev, again, refrains from flipping the table and immediately moving to DC with RJ. While the argument swirls around her, Karen is preoccupied first with stuffing her face and then with the TV on the wall, which has been playing a Bollywood movie this whole time. And you know what that means: dance number!

Yes, Dev is now singing lead in a great big A.R. Rahman-style number that's taking place entirely in Karen's head. Rebecca's also there, lounging on a couch with the pit crew guys from RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm kind of disgusted that this is the only way the show could shoehorn in a song for Dev. I suppose next they'll give Ellis a number from The Wiz. Oh wait, Ellis is there. And he's dressed as Aladdin. Jesus, now I feel like I'm hallucinating.

The rest of the cast makes cameo appearances in Karen's fever dream: Eileen and Nick make out on a couch next to a treasure chest. Tom, after rubbing a genie's lamp, makes Sam and one of the other dancers disappear. The Shrek family looks all perfect and reconstituted, but Julia is making her "I Have a Terrible Secret!!" face. Derek feeds Ivy grapes. And then everyone throws computer-generated chrysanthemums on Dev and his chorus of Vaguely Ethnic Singing Boys and they all do The Sprinkler.

The number ends and we return to Dev and Karen, alone at the restaurant. I guess she and Rebecca aren't BFFs anymore.

Nick's apartment. Which is awesome. He has a picture of Keith Richards over the fireplace that somehow doesn't make him (Nick, not Keith) look like a poseur. Possibly because his apartment also includes tons of books on really nice built-ins. I am also really digging Eileen's new short, curly hair. Nick likes it too. He asks why Eileen ever loved Jerry, because he's such a mean little prick. She explains that she used to think his cruelty was strength and that she didn't think the strength would ever be turned against her. And I am saddened and touched, because finally I see something true in this show. "You're trading up," Nick says as he goes in to kiss her and I swear if he breaks Anjelica Huston's heart, I'll hunt him down myself.

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