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Previously on Smash: Karen and Rebecca became besties, which made Derek and Dev mental. Julia had an affair with Not Adam Pascal, which made Shrek all ogre-y. Ivy was jealous and scheming, and the whole company did a super culturally insensitive Bollywood dance number.

This week we open with one of my favorite show tunes: It's Tom and Sam singing "Another Openin', Another Show" from Kiss Me Kate while everyone packs for the tryout in Boston. (And congratulations to Christian Borle on his Tony nomination!) Tom and Sam are devastatingly adorable, and I'm not just saying that because they've put me in mind of Cole Porter, which leads me to De-Lovely, which makes me hope they'll cast John Barrowman to play Tony Curtis in Bombshell. Ooh, or Clark Gable in the stirring eleven o'clock number about the disaster that was The Misfits. Come on, how awesome would that be?

As Rebecca departs in her limo, Karen meets the dancers at Grand Central, which oh my god, SHOW, is not where you go to take a train to Boston! Anyway. Up in Chowder City, crew members are loading in costumes and sets and lights. Karen takes it upon herself to stand center stage and pretend things are all about her. As the song ends, the lights go out, and Derek swears charmingly. Ah, the theater.

Rebecca stands center stage in the empty theater and, we hope, ponders how viciously she'll be embarrassed when the show opens. Derek comes in and she flees like a cockroach when you turn the lights on. He has brought his tiny scale model of the theater with him, which is kind of like Michael Kors bringing Barbie dolls to work with him, no? [Note: What is this, a theater for ants?! -- Rachel.] Ivy brings Derek coffee and asks if he's still trying to work out "that transition." He says yes, and that he's been staring at it so long he can't figure it out, but Ivy has an easy fix -- just change around some choreography. Derek sees that her solution is elegant and also solves another problem, and says, "That's not bad," which from him is like skywriting "OMG IVY IS A GENIUS WHO FAR SURPASSES MOMADETTE PETERS." Ivy demurely replies, "I am a woman of many talents," to which Derek says, "And that is why I love you." And the viewing audience at my house falls on the floor and writhes with jealousy. Ivy looks stunned. Dude! Lock that hot piece down now, while he's confused and overwhelmed with work!

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