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Brooklyn, the Brownstone of Tentative Reconciliation. Shrek is trying to show Julia how to make pancakes because she's not only an unfaithful wife and a neglectful mother, she's also an inadequate woman who cannot efficiently prepare simple carbohydrates to feed her family for a morning. She successfully flips a pancake and kisses Shrek in triumph. Dull Leo skulks down the stairs and makes a remark about how his parents' kissing is gross that would be appropriate coming out of the mouth of a nine-year-old, but not whatever Leo is supposed to be (seventeen? A trout? I don't know). The phone rings; it's Tom, calling to destroy the newfound Shrek family bliss. Julia explains that Shrek moved back in a week ago and she hopes they don't need her in Boston just yet so she can stay home learning about breakfast foods and monitoring Dull Leo's ankle bracelet. Tom does not tell her about the return of her amour, and hangs up.

Eileen and Derek are watching him, predatorily. "Did you tell her?" Eileen demands. Tom did not. "It's called a spine, Tom," Derek snarks. God, I love it when those two slapfight. Eileen rolls her eyes at the children and says she's heading back to New York today, so she'll tell Julia.

Ivy is telling Boy Dancer Bobby about what Derek said. Her dress is adorable and makes her boobs look fantastic. If this were the real world I'd guess it was ModCloth. They discuss plans for Derek's birthday the next day, which Rebecca overhears, and now I'm sure she'll find some way to jump out of a cake or something. She takes her place for rehearsal and asks where Replacement DiMaggio is. When she finds out, she throws a hissy fit (which is kind of understandable, as they should've told her) and storms off (which is not). Derek soothes her a little and sends her off for costume fittings while they run the tech on "History Is Made at Night" with Ivy and Bobby playing the leads.

In Rebecca's dressing room, she's still freaking out about the loss of DiMaggio, and Derek decides to defuse her by comparing her to Marilyn, and tells her to use Marilyn's insecurity and fear to motivate her performance. It's all very Movie Star Whisperer, and it seems to work, although I doubt he can whisper a decent singing voice out of her. He tells her to use her star power to get past the fear, and maybe this is the scene the writers meant to be the turning point in Derek and Rebecca's relationship, but it feels professional rather than romantic or intimate. Maybe a little manipulative on Derek's part, but that's Derek.

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