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Everybody Says I Hate You

Ivy greets Sam exuberantly outside the Flatiron. Her coat is bright red and so lovely and also yay, it's so good to have Sam back! She asks him to come upstairs and say hi, telling him Tom would love to see him. Sam points out that it was Tom who broke up with him, but Ivy insists.

Upstairs, Julia asks Tom about this new monologue she's giving Mark in act two. Tom says sure, he told him he could have one. Julia patiently says that she knows Tom's trying to be everybody's best friend, but he needs to be a parent and set strong boundaries or he'll lose control of the kids. Tom says that's Derek's style, not his. And then he turns around and sees Sam. He doesn't run over and make out with him, which disappoints me.

Jimmy is getting measured for costumes while Karen and Ana lurk across the room and Karen bitches about how he's not talking to her. Then Kyle comes in with a casting list for another female role in the show, the Diva. Karen's been pushing Ana to audition for the role, but she points out that the list is full of big names. When Jimmy looks at the list, he's immediately incensed and runs out to yell at Derek about it. And it's kind of amazing when he just screams, "LEA MICHELE!!" forty-seven times in a row. Jimmy says if they cast a big star she'll overshadow the show, but Derek points out that the character is supposed to be the biggest star in the world, like Madonna or Lady Gaga, so a big star would be a coup for the show. He tells Jimmy he knows what he's doing, but Jimmy snaps that it's his show and storms off. Scott is all, I hate creative people. Should've been an accountant like Mom wanted.

Scott remarks that there's a lot of friction between Jimmy and Derek considering it's day one. Derek brushes off his concerns, saying Jimmy's just a kid who's challenging authority, and Scott says he usually finds that it's better to listen to the kids when working together. He tells him to find some common ground with Jimmy.

Sam tells Julia, Tom, and Ivy that he's regretting taking the Book of Mormon job, even though he's a lead, and Tom asks him to come back to Bombshell. Julia asks Sam and Ivy to excuse them, and to Tom she's like, and he's going to play whom? Gladys? (That would be Marilyn's mom.) Tom just rolls over her objections.

Eileen barrels into Jamey Sheridan's office at the New York Times and takes him to task for killing the story on her show. He explains that there's not a good story there because they ran all their disaster stories on Spider-Man. Richard runs through the various scandalous aspects, and says it's all been done, but Eileen invites him to rehearsal to see if he can find a new angle.

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