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Everybody Says I Hate You

Tom's house. Julia finds him in the bedroom, surrounded by script pages, and chastises him for hiding out from his own party. He's been looking for a place to fit Sam into the show, but can't find one. Julia tells him to have some champagne, enjoy the party, and tell Sam tomorrow that there's no role for him. So then Ivy, Sam, and the dancers come drag him out of the bedroom, because they want to sing. And in this context I find Those People charming. On the subway, not so much.

In Jimmy's grubby apartment, he and Karen bicker over a shirt of his that she's appropriated, and he decides to fit that adorable little interaction into the show so that Jesse sees Amanda wearing a shirt she swiped from him and his heart breaks or whatever. He tells her to pass the bit along to Derek and she brings up how he and Derek aren't getting along at all. She says at first she didn't get along with Derek either, but once she understood how he directs, they had a connection. Jimmy says he thinks her connection with Derek is special, which offends Karen, as one would be offended when someone calls you a whore, and she leaves. With the shirt.

Ivy and Sam are flipping through some music on the piano, and Tom says he was looking through old drafts to find a break in act two for Ivy. Sam picks up one song, which Tom says is from a musical Julia and Tom tried to write about Vegas in the '60s. Other than this one song, the musical was shit, but Sam says he loved the song when Tom played it for him, and he's been working on his Nat King Cole ever since. So now it's time to see it! Tom sits down and starts playing, and god, that voice on Leslie Odom Jr. I missed him so much. Everything about the number is playful and stylish and just so full of ease and fun. I just upgraded the episode a full letter for the big smile on my face during this song.

Ivy hands Tom back his drink and says the song feels like it could be in Bombshell. Julia says it can't, though, because Nat King Cole didn't know Marilyn. But, Tom says, he was a big Kennedy supporter, so maybe they can use the song to introduce JFK at a rally. Julia wants to stick with introducing Kennedy when Marilyn meets him (since, for better or worse, the show is about Marilyn), but Tom asks Sam what he thinks. Sam's the only one with any tact, and says they don't need to make all those changes for him. Tom yells, "Call the Mormons! Tell them you're not coming back!" And when Sam asks if he can actually do that, Tom says he's the director, so why not? Behind him, Julia is trying to saw through her wrists with a Cabaret original cast recording. But since we see Tom and Sam in bed together the next morning, the evening works out for someone.

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