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Everybody Says I Hate You

On the street, Karen is telling Ana that she wants her to audition for Derek, and Ana doesn't want to push Derek, but Karen tells her to fight for it. It's kind of fascinating how Dead Eyes's dead eyes can't focus on anything in this scene. You'd think Ana's eyes were somewhere on her left shoulder.

Elsewhere, Jimmy and Kyle are talking some more about Derek, with Jimmy saying he's gotten Scott on his side about the video screens. Jimmy says he won't let Derek beat him, and Kyle asks why he's making it so personal. He guesses this is about Karen, and Jimmy spills that Kyle was wrong when he thought Derek and Karen were dating, but fills him in on Derek's stay-off-my-territory speech last week. They see Derek across the street, and Derek fakely thanks Jimmy for showing Scott his presentation, and says Scott really likes the LED screens! Never bring a squirt gun to a machete fight, Jimbo.

Also, when Derek is standing in front of the Manhattan Theater Workshop, you can see the marquee for Peter and the Starcatcher reflected behind him in the glass--that's the show Christian Borle, who plays Tom, won a Tony for last year. Huzzah!)

Outside the Flatiron, Richard is telling Eileen again that there's no new story in Bombshell (I'll say). She begs him for the publicity, and Richard suggests writing about how Eileen got the show back. Eileen doesn't want to drag Meryl Streep's Daughter into this, but her whole demeanor changes when he says readers would eat up a mother-and-daughter-teaming-up story. Eileen hops in a cab and tells him she's going to get him a story.

Julia and Tom go downtown to the Manhattan Theater Workshop. Julia wants Tom to see the hard decisions a director has to make--and when it comes to hard decisions, Derek is the best. The videos they're trying to run on the new screens are too big for the theater's system, so it keeps crashing. Jimmy bitches about how they're going to burn all their rehearsal time waiting for the spinning rainbow ball of death, and Derek yells that he wants to show the audience something more interesting than some kid walking across the stage forever. Jimmy says the kid is walking across the stage to tell a girl that he loves her and that's the soul of the show, and Derek asks if Jimmy's saying he can't direct the show. No, Jimmy is saying Derek hides between all the illusions because he has no other tricks up his sleeve. Jimmy tries to pull Karen into the discussion, and she reluctantly tells Derek that the screens aren't right for the show. He takes that about as well as you'd assume and storms out, snottily telling Tom on his way out that he hopes he enjoyed the show.

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