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Who Was That Masked Man?

Julia is moping in her really ugly bed because she hasn't heard from Eileen. I'm distracted by the surprising amount of furniture stuffed in this room because her style always seemed to skew to the minimalist side and this space is the ugliest in the whole house. Frank attempts to cheer her up by putting on Guitar Hero and singing "Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright." This is a grown man, correct? And I've heard Brian d'Arcy James sing on stage, so I know he has pipes, and this is far from his best (or really any) effort. We pan over to 37-year-old Leo's room where he hears his dad singing and smiles. It's totally disgusting.

Eileen is in her utterly empty office, which looks a lot like the workshop space. Ellis starts bringing her items from Tom and he offers to help her move, but she wants a fresh start. Her daughter shows up, and I immediately think it is Mamie Gummer who I have this odd obsession with, but it is her sister Grace (aka Meryl Streep's other kid).

Derek meets Karen in some random local and asks for her demo. Odd. He says they are seeing a new songwriter for Marilyn. Oh, it's just like I dreamed. Derek says this is top secret and that she has to keep her mouth shut. Considering that Karen really has no friends, this should not be a problem for her.

Tom is on the phone trying to pump Ellis for information. The big gossip doesn't take long to reveal that Eileen's daughter Katie is in town, and that he heard Eileen on the phone talking to Derek about Karen Cartwright. Tom goes into full-on panic mode. When is someone going to smack the shit out of Ellis for being such a fucking busybody?

Julia meets Michael on a park bench somewhere. She tries to soft-peddle things by telling him there has been radio silence about Marilyn. He gets that he's being fired, and says that he would have quit anyway because he realized that his family is the most important thing. Said family? They are playing on the slides about 100 yards away. Maybe he's just glad that his actual wife doesn't dress in yoga pants large enough to house a village and in men's silk shirts that were bought in the big and tall store. Julia sees Michael go off to kiss his far more adorable wife, and that's the last we have to hear about this storyline for the episode. Yay!

Karen tells Dev about her secret meeting and her desire to cook a proper curry for him. He's excited about all the scandalous backstabbing in the theater world, but he's got to go meet RJ to talk about how to overthrow his nemesis.

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