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Who Was That Masked Man?

Katie has summoned her father to Eileen's office, and she's attempting to play mediator between them and get some cash for Eileen. I like that she's bossy, but it doesn't seem like this is the first time she's had to broker a deal between her parents. Ellis is lurking outside the door eavesdropping and Katie asks him what the hell he's doing, before she slams the door on him. I so hoped she was going to punch him. Maybe on her next visit. After the door slams, Ellis picks up the phone and it is Derek trying to convey a simple message to Eileen about tomorrow's meeting. Of course Ellis gets all damned nosy and can't do one easy thing like he's asked. He's the worst assistant ever. Murphy Brown would have eviscerated him after one day.

Tom and hot John have dinner, and John says he likes that Julia has a feisty side. While Tom just worries about the lack of information on Marilyn.

Ivy is moping at the bowling alley where she's been dragged by the chorus girls and guys. She is unimpressed by Bobby's unique bowling style (though I'd very much like to bowl with him, it's fantastic!). Then "Dance to the Music" comes on and they all get their Sly and the Family Stone on while dancing around the place and being generally obnoxious. No one even yells at them for walking on the lanes. So rude. And unrealistic.

Somehow Dennis takes over Dev's speech about 9/11 on the pretense that Dev's too British. That is all.

Ellis accosts Ivy on the street and immediately starts spilling that Derek is up to something with Karen. The green-eyed monster rears her ugly head. And we're immediately taken to a bar scene with Karen and Bobby. It's not at the bowling alley, which is unfortunate because I could really watch Bobby bowl all day. He says that he's sad that the workshop is over, but starts digging about how she's still working on it. He gets a mischievous glint in his eye when he says "am I not supposed to know that?" Ivy works quickly!

Ellis is in the bed with his girlfriend, which still seems odd because I always forget that he's not gay. She wants to know why he's meddling. He tells her he doesn't want to work for Tom (whom he ungratefully refers to as a loser), thinks that Ivy got screwed over and that he'd very much like to be a producer. Because that's the fucking obvious next step after fetching coffee.

At the divey LES bar where Eileen spends all her time, she brings her daughter to meet Nick. He asks about Marilyn, and she says Marilyn is having some growing pains. Katie just admires the bartender and the cheap drinks.

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