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Who Was That Masked Man?

Dev calls RJ, as he's decided to use whatever sleazy information about Denni's secret texts to the mayor's underage daughter in order to keep his job. She brings some friends over to the house to leak the intel, and Karen walks in while they are engaged in a celebratory hug. She gets annoyed when he won't spill the details of what's happening. He gives her the highlight reel. Then they have sex.

Back in the big Brooklyn warehouse, Derek advises Karen to not be afraid of bringing out her sex appeal. Eileen, Katie, Tom and Julia meet up outside the workshop, Eileen says they are about to find out what's going on. And here I thought this was to oust Julia. Damned wishful thinking. Ellis and Ivy hide behind an SUV and sneak into the theater. Julia is confused by all the conspiracy. So am I, Julia, so am I.

This single song is a more fully realized production than the workshop ever was, with lights and costumes and a band. It starts with Karen hiding behind a curtain looking like she's naked with those shadowy lighting tricks that you've seen a million times before . Then she starts dancing wearing only a sheet, while singing the most auto-tuned song of all time. Her sheet is a cleverly wrapped Grecian gown, and she's on a bed, surrounded by the masked non-Jabbawockeez dancers. Tom and Julia look confused and unimpressed. Ivy and Ellis watch from backstage.

Then the bed gets turned into a big cage and Karen looks like she's being roughed up by the masked men, and mostly she's singing (with some technological enhancements) and running her hands up and down her satin gown. Exactly what you'd expect from Derek, actually. Ivy stalks off. It eventually ends with Karen collapsing on to the bed.

Derek explains to Tom and Julia that they are thinking of doing a more modern twist on Marilyn. Not ditching everything, just sprucing up the corny old musical. Julia's cackling at the idea, and he says that it isn't a total change... though if they are going with an auto-tuned music video, that's a pretty drastic alteration. Eileen says they didn't think Tom and Julia would go for the idea in the abstract sense of the word, so they staged this little presentation as a way to broach the subject. Karen and Ryan look confused and upset. Don't make me feel bad for Ryan Tedder, show.

Katie takes her mom outside to scream at her about behaving like her asshole ex. She says that she got all her saving the world goodness from her mother and doesn't want her to become a crazy unfeeling producer like her father is.

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