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Who Was That Masked Man?

Back inside, Derek is defending his decision, when Eileen comes in and says they've made a mistake. She apologizes to everyone individually and awkwardly. Ellis comes in and says they will set up a meeting after everyone has cooled off. Julia wants to know how the hell he got there. So do I. Why doesn't someone tell him to shut up? And stop walking around like he owns the fucking place? Is it just because he said the name Marilyn Monroe once? I can do that. In fact, I just said it like six times in a row. Does that mean I can be a controlling snoop who can't mind my own business or do my actual job?

Outside Eileen gets in a car and takes Ellis along with her. I do not like this, Sam I Am. Ivy says she understands that Karen got caught up in the dirty business and hopes she enjoys stabbing Tom and Juila in the back. Aw, Ivy. Never change.

Julia leaves in anger and Tom sits and has a stare down with Derek. Tom wishes he hadn't brought Tom on to this project, and they fight about the play gone wrong over a decade ago. Derek had trashed Tom quite publically, even though they were friends. There are some really unfortunate comments on Derek's part about gays owning the theater. Tom calls Derek a bully and a homophobe. The critic who started this nonsense between them was apparently sleeping with Derek's dad, according to Tom. And that nearly makes Derek take a swing at Tom. Instead, Derek gets real and says that Tom's songs are too nice, and that Marilyn had her drug-addicted suicidal side and isn't just a sweet gay male fantasy. They calm down, but neither is quitting the musical.

The next day, in Eileen's old office, not her unfurnished apartment, she says her composers are brilliant, but they really need a star. Tom still wants Ivy, but Eileen says it isn't going to happen. She also tells Tom and Julia they need a title. Outside the door, not lurking, but at a desk this time, Ellis is working for Eileen. Tom looks baffled. Julia says they are stuck with him.

Dev's little blackmail stuff didn't work, because somehow Dennis is untouchable. Do you care? Neither do I.

Katie has decorated her mother's apartment. She's leaving to go count wild salmon (yes, really). What a riveting plot development.

Backstage at Heaven on Earth, Tom meets with Ivy. He apologizes for not calling,and then says she hopes they didn't read the blogs. He awkwardly swallows and tearily confesses that Eileen wants a star for the part. Ivy gets it, but she's miserable about it. He invites her back to her old job at Heaven on Earth. She walks across an empty stage.

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