The Coup

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Who Was That Masked Man?

Karen is attempting to make curry, while Dev gripes about his political bad day. Her food is surprisingly decent, but going to get burned because she leaves it on the stove while they go away to have sex.

Ivy sings a Marilyn tune to herself in the mirror, when she's interrupted by knocking on her door. It's Derek; he is checking on her. He says that the business sucks and that she's beautiful. She laments being back in the chorus because she's good. He says she was better than good. She wants to know why he made Karen do his little weird performance, and he says it was a failed experiment. He's still pissed she called him bad in bed at the workshop, and then she says she lied. The two rekindle their relationship with sex. It's the cure all for everything on this show.

Next week, it looks like Ivy dies and then turns into an angel.

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