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The Fixer

Julia arrives at Peter's enormous, beautiful loft and she observes that script doctoring must pay well. (Twitter, um, disagrees.) He makes coffee while she looks at his annotated copy of the Bombshell book, and she interrupts and rudely snaps that she doesn't like coffee. She likes tea. Well, there's no need to be a witch about it. We are all entitled to our preferences in hot beverages. She asks him to tell her what he thinks about the show. He says that the show isn't a Broadway musical, it's a biopic, and a crappy one, with no character development outside the songs.

Julia might have been less offended if he'd told her that Dull Leo is a personalityless schlub who's going to spend the rest of his life hitting her up for money and intermittently working at fast casual establishments while wearing flair. She can't believe that he's calling her book shallow, and Peter very nicely doesn't agree with her -- he calls it "two-dimensional." Julia gets her back up and says the audience cried when Marilyn died, because we know how hard it is to get a bunch of theatergoers to cry during a fucking death scene, and also they had standing ovations every night. Peter says it was Boston, the way you'd say, "You were playing with the net down." Ha! Julia asked if there was anything he liked about the book, and Peter lies through his teeth when he says he thinks Marilyn Monroe is an interesting subject for a musical. Good God, people. She's NOT. Julia looks like she's swallowed her tongue.

She rants on the phone to Tom that Peter wants to change everything, and says that Russell Crowe and North Korea are more collaborative than Peter. She says she's going to go to Eileen and tell her no way are they working with the parasite. Tom's all, good, try that, and in the meantime, he has a plaaaaaan.

Kyle is obsessing over his little slips of plot paper while Jimmy, smoking up, lounges on the couch in their disgusting moldy-walled faux Greenpoint slum and says he's like the guy in A Beautiful Mind. Was the drinking game in the writers' room see how many times you can mention Russell Crowe in this episode? Oh God, if he shows up and sings, there will not be enough wine in the world. Kyle tells Jimmy there are gaps in the plot and they're not ready for the meeting tonight, so Jimmy gets up and rearranges everything for him, asking Kyle what happened to the version they worked on when they were wasted on the Fourth of July. Kyle thought it was on his computer, but apparently Jimmy left it in a notebook Somewhere in the Past That We Shall Not Speak Of Until Sweeps.

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