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The Fixer

Karen arrives at the rehearsal space and reminds Derek about the meeting with Kyle and Jimmy after rehearsal. She pauses and says she was starting to think she'd never be Marilyn again, and although the world would be a better place, Derek says he wouldn't let that happen. Good God. Why am I sober. Derek's phone rings; it's Ronnie. She says one of the producers of The Wiz is in town now and Derek asks her to bring him over tomorrow to see a number from Bombshell. (Because that will prove he can do a family-friendly show with a singing lion? [Although the movie version of The Wiz starred Richard Pryor as the title character. Just how family friendly does this show really need to be?]) She agrees and Derek tells Karen and the assembled dancers that tomorrow is way more important now, because it affects Derek's life. Karen starts singing "They Just Keep Moving the Line" and it blurs into Ivy, on tape, singing the same song at the workshop.

Ivy arrives at Tom's house, where he's watching the video, and he tells her he wanted to be inspired by the original spark for the show. He hands over a CD she came to borrow -- it's the OCR of a musical version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses (which, as far as I can tell, is fictional, because Tom says Madeline Kahn was nominated for a Tony for the original production, and that didn't happen) called just Liaisons. I'm sad it doesn't include an exclamation point. Tom tells her it's about time someone revived it, and he totally queens out when Ivy tells him she talked her way into an audition for C├ęcile. Ivy downplays her chances, but Tom tells her she's perfect for it and this could be her breakout. He tells her if she brings what she brought to the workshop, she'll crush it. Aw. I love them together.

Eileen is talking to her lawyers about the legal troubles with the show when Julia barges in and says she refuses to work with Peter. Eileen hangs up and doesn't throw Julia out of her office for being a rude cow; instead, she asks what is so important that Julia is interrupting her very precarious chainsaw juggling. Julia shrieks about how Peter wants to rewrite the show and his notes were totally insane, but Eileen says she liked them. Julia can't believe Eileen was in on this (didn't Eileen hire Peter? Isn't Eileen the boss? Why does Julia act like a child all the damn time?) but Eileen says she and Peter discussed the show extensively when he saw it -- four times! -- in Boston. When Julia prepares to flounce out and have a tantrum, Eileen says she's invested everything she has in the show, and if Julia won't make it a success, she'll find someone who will. YES. BE IN CHARGE, EILEEN.

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