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Derek tells Eileen they haven't had much time to work on the number, and just then Ronnie arrives with Henry, the producer on The Wiz (played by one of those silver-haired Hey It's That Guy New York actors, the kind who was both a defense lawyer and a preppy park strangler and probably also a bond trader on six different episodes of Law & Order: Original Recipe over the years). Derek explains the change of plan and says the number isn't PG, so maybe she and Henry should just go get a drink and he'll catch up with them? She says they're here, so they might as well see his work. The problem isn't that Derek isn't a proven talent, it's that he isn't a proven talent at what The Wiz needs him to do. Or what these producers of this production want him to do. But whatever. What is logic.

Derek introduces the scene: Kennedy and Marilyn attending a party at Bing's. The actor playing JFK goes very subtle on the Mayor Quimby accent when he says how pleased to meet Marilyn "in the flesh," then launches into the song, in which he's trying to convince her to leave the party with him. He gets her alone, and Julia's lyrics are just so subtle: "Outside of this room there's a cold war/but you'd never know it in here." As the song goes on, Karen takes her dress off and lies down on the bed. He comes down on top of her and the song ends.

And Jimmy starts applauding from the doorway. As everyone stares at him, Derek asks, "Who are you?" He introduces himself, and Derek replies, "Jimmy who?" Jimmy mutters, "Exactly" and leaves. Henry is also not impressed, and says to Ronnie as he walks out, "That was supposed to change our minds?" Eileen liked it, though; she tells Peter the number is the right direction. He tells Julia she proved him wrong, and they banter about does he call this an apology, he's not apologizing for anything, now that she's taken his advice, she's stuck with him, blah blah I'm just so glad he's here making things suck less.

Ivy gets home and calls Tom, enthusing about getting the part in Liaisons! (I've decided it needs the exclamation point.) Tom is genuinely thrilled for her, and she tells him he'd be a great director -- he knows how to get the best out of people without torturing them. "Art without torture," Tom muses. "I don't think it's possible." Well, it would certainly put Derek out of a job.

Karen is chasing Jimmy toward Madison Square Park (still wearing her costume. Sigh). He tells her she doesn't need to explain why she's been radio silent the past few days, with her show in rehearsals, and she says she's still committed to his show even though Bombshell is back on track. Jimmy says Derek doesn't know who they are, but Karen protests that Derek liked the music. Jimmy says this show doesn't mean anything to him -- liar -- but it's everything to Kyle and she's getting his hopes up. So she has to be the one to crush him if it's not going to happen.

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