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The Fixer

Jimmy's getting all caught up and passionate and realizes that he's not being cool. Derek sums it up as A Star Is Born plus Hamlet with some Romeo and Juliet thrown in. Kyle says it's more Moulin Rouge + Gaga + JT Leroy, while Jimmy doesn't want to define it. Derek says "Hit List" is a good title, and Jimmy says everything gets really dark and everyone dies at the end, but Derek says they just need one good death. He says they'll start working on the second act while Karen fetches more beers. She prances around delightedly.

Next week: Rehearsals for Ronnie's show. Derek is being a jackhole, as usual. Karen is falling for Jimmy, but he's a man slut. Julia might be having feelings for Peter, because Peter is delicious, and Jerry seems to be firing Karen. Someone is destroying the show! Someone is out of their mind! I see your fingerprints, Gossip Girl guy!

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