The Dress Rehearsal

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For the Breast of My Life

Previously on Smash: Hit List ripped off Taylor Swift, Derek discovered Karen and Jimmy's relationship, Karen found Jimmy's drugs, and nothing else matters because LIZA was there.

Tom is having a nightmare that it's half an hour till curtain and he's at center stage in an empty theater, completely naked. A spotlight comes on and then the theater is full of people, staring at his pecker and laughing. Tom wakes up in his bed, rolls over, and sees a stranger -- I think it's Daniel Sunjata, but I only got a quick look at him -- and starts screaming himself awake again.

Julia runs in, attracted by his screams, and assures him that opening night is weeks away -- but reminds him tonight is the invited dress rehearsal. So Tom shows the tens of people watching this show his tiny striped knickers as he chases after her.

Ivy's bed. I'm sensing a theme! Also in Ivy's bed: Derek. They sleepily mumble about the invited dress, which Tom doesn't want Derek to come to, because he's nervous and not feeling inspired. Derek says he has the same problem with his show and Ivy assures him it'll get there. She kisses him goodbye, even though both of them must have the breath of the damned, and he asks if he can come over again tonight for another booty call, and Ivy's all, "Maybe, whatever." Fist pump for Ivy, everyone.

Tom and Julia walk to the theater, commiserating about how tonight's run could destroy them both. Eileen greets them at the front door, chipper as ever.

Weak shafts of sunlight manage to penetrate the filthy windows of Jimmy's Greenpoint hovel. Karen leans over Jimmy, who's at the piano, and kisses him as he tells her he's written nine new songs, all of which might suck. She asks what's fueled his nine-songs-in-three-days binge, and he says just Adderall and Red Bull. Karen seems to think this kind of drug abuse is perfectly okay as long as he's not on the other secret drugs she found in his coat pocket, but Jimmy reminds her that he had to stay awake because if he doesn't write new songs for the Diva, he's afraid Derek will take some of Karen's songs and give them to Ana.

Karen doesn't believe Derek would be so petty, because she has clearly never met Derek, and Jimmy reminds her that making one part bigger means other parts get smaller -- namely, theirs. He's pretty sure this will end with Ana being the lead, since Derek was so upset about Jimmy and Karen banging. I see nothing wrong with any of this.

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