The Dress Rehearsal

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For the Breast of My Life

Tom assures Julia he's caffeinated beyond all advisable limits for a human being and he has everything under control, so he's going to deal with eight-year-old Marilyn not knowing her lines and fix last night's fog machine malfunction and everything else. He sends Julia downtown (not that he knows where she's going).

Hit List. Ana and Karen discuss Jimmy's pocket coke and how he's not sleeping because Derek might give Karen's songs to Ana. Ana very politely doesn't cackle and rub her hands together with glee. Derek interrupts them and calls the rehearsal to order, just as Jimmy walks in with the new songs. Derek tells them Richard will be attending tonight's "stumble-through," so he wants to show him as much of the new material as possible. Jimmy greets Karen with a kiss, in front of everyone.

Ivy Lynn Boob Summit. Ivy can't believe everyone liked the moment, and says that while she's been naked on stage before -- she was in Hair -- she doesn't want her rack to overshadow her work. Eileen says the nudity emphasized Marilyn's vulnerability and was shocking and real. Ivy asks for some time to think about it, as their conversation is engulfed in fog. Tom, screaming for Linda, runs off to deal with this latest tragedy.

Everyone applauds Jimmy's new Hit List number, which Derek immediately says is great. Jimmy is surprised, and asks if Derek wants him to teach the song to the company. He does. Kyle tells Julia that Derek actually hates it, because he never makes snap decisions and prefers to let everyone suffer, waiting for his opinion. She laughs at Kyle's Derek impression, which attracts the man himself, asking if she shouldn't be uptown putting out Bombshell fires. She says Tom's handling it, and asks how Derek is handling things, because he doesn't seem like himself. Oh God. Everyone can tell he's been sulking about Karen hurting his fee-fees? Christ, Derek, sack up.

He tells Julia that he doesn't feel the connection to the show that he did before, and Julia confesses that ending things with Joe DiMaggio last year helped her see Bombshell more clearly than she did before. (Since, you know, the whole show was about him.) She suggests he run through the show now, before Richard Francis shows up. After the run, Derek thinks while the company stands around, fretting. He finally tells everyone it was brilliant, and pulls Jimmy and Kyle aside to discuss.

Derek gives a couple of small suggestions, which everyone agrees to, then he says he wants Act One to begin with a flashback, of the Diva in disgrace and Amanda successful. He pulls Ana across the stage and begins running her through some new blocking of the Diva shooting a gun. Karen objects that this will give away the whole show, but he says since Ana's the only person onstage, we don't know whom she shoots. He has her start singing "Broadway, Here I Come" a cappella as she moves through the throng of dancers with the gun, and Krysta Rodriguez does excellent crazy eyes. The gun goes off as the lights go to black.

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