The Dress Rehearsal

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For the Breast of My Life

Derek explains the recent changes to Richard and the cast whoops and hollers, excited to start. In the wings, Ana apologizes to Karen for ganking her song. Karen says it's fine, because it's just Derek being pissy and he'll give the song back when he calms down. Ana can't believe what an insufferable cow Karen is being, and since she lives with her I assume this can only mean Ana is actually blind and deaf and her performance as the Diva is a groundbreaking triumph that will make Marlee Matlin go cry into her cornflakes with jealousy.

Tom wants to talk to Sam, but Ivy tells him he's pissed. Tom explains that one of the other swings had been in the company longer, so he needed to put him on before Sam. I don't think that's going to help. Linda calls Ivy to get her hair done, and before she leaves she tells Tom she's still thinking about the boobs idea. Tom and Linda discuss intermission, which is still running long, and he suggests writing a really long entr'acte. Linda metas, "And orchestrate it, and give it to the musicians, and have them learn it?" I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, SHOW.

Tom tells Julia she was right, he should have canceled, and he frets about not being confident with his directing. But Julia has an idea! An idea accompanied by the hi-hat! Montage of Tom reworking intermission, with dancers crawling through the audience. Cut to tonight's preview. Brunette Ivy moves to take her place at the top of the show.

Hit List. Richard congratulates Scott and Derek on the revamped show, then he and Scott head uptown. Karen needles Ana some more about how she said she wouldn't take her songs and Ana stands up for herself, finally, saying it's not her fault that Derek thinks she's talented and wants to expand her role. Karen says it's not about talent, and Ana tells her maybe it's not about Karen's talent, so maybe she should've slept with him when she had a chance. I LOVE THIS NEW SHOW WHERE WE ALL HATE KAREN.

Scott shows up just in time for the beginning of Act Two, which starts with the Lee Strasberg number, the dancers crawling around in the audience. The whole thing takes place with the curtain closed so the crew can get the plane in place. The orchestration feels a lot like West Side Story to me. Bobby, Jessica, and Ivy hustle backstage to quick-change and he asks what she's planning to do in the JFK scene. Ivy still doesn't know.

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