The Dress Rehearsal

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For the Breast of My Life

Derek asks Karen what she thought of the reworked show. Jesus Christ. Only six more weeks of people asking Katharine McPhee her opinion on anything other than her preferred brand of hair extensions. She thinks Derek's taking out his pique on her and Jimmy (YES, WE KNOW), and asks if he made her Marilyn because he wanted to sleep with her. Derek replies that it was because of her talent, which she doesn't believe. Heh. Derek mildly informs her that Scott pays Jimmy in cash because he doesn't have a Social Security number. And his name isn't really Jimmy Collins, according to the New York Times fact-checker. Karen just looks confused, so Derek makes it very easy for her and points out that Jimmy's hiding something -- like the large sum of money Derek loaned him to settle his drug debts.

JFK number. He unzips Ivy's dress as Tom and Julia watch eagerly from the audience. As JFK kisses her neck, Ivy pulls the strap of her slip up on her shoulder. Tom's more disappointed not to see a pair of breasts than any gay man has ever been. The scene continues: Marilyn wakes up in bed with JFK, who's getting dressed. Ivy gets out of bed, wrapped in a sheet, as he tells her he's going back to D.C. and Jackie, and when he tells her she's not First Lady material, she replies that she's Marilyn goddamn Monroe, and says, "Come back to bed, Jack." And then she drops the sheet. The audience gasps. The actor playing JFK -- let's not forget, the only straight man in the show -- holds it together admirably, then leaves, and Ivy wraps the sheet around herself again, devastated. The creative team are surprised, but thrilled.

Tom walks out the front door of the theater, where two ladies tell him the show was wonderful. And then Sam comes out of the crowd waiting by the stage door. Tom wants to talk about what went wrong, and Sam points out that it went wrong because of Tom. He apologizes for that barb, then muses sadly about his career: after seven shows and a featured role on a national tour, he's a swing. He doesn't want to be part of Bombshell anymore. "I'd rather be unemployed than work for you anymore," he says, and leaves. Tom watches as Ivy greets her adoring public.

Hit List after party (apparently you get to have a party after a normal day of rehearsal). Karen asks Jimmy about the money Derek gave him and his magical powers of staying awake. Jimmy doesn't feel the need to explain himself to her, but Karen meebles that she needs to know what's going on with him. Jimmy says the past is the past, and he just wants to be in the present, with Karen. He totally killed someone, you guys. Other than poor Kyle's spirit. That sad little fellow gallops up just then, showing them the Times story on his phone.

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