The Dress Rehearsal

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For the Breast of My Life

Bar. Eileen, Tom, Julia, and Scott toast Ivy's massive cojones. Tom can't stop himself from checking what the blogs have to say about the preview -- but the first result he gets is a New York Times article about Bombshell's influence on Hit List. Oh dear.

Downtown, Kyle reads the article aloud. It points out the similarities between the two shows, which "show the power and price of transformation." Bombshell is the past, it says, Hit List the present and the future. Eileen rips off her glasses angrily and stalks off to skin Richard alive.

Tom gets to the part of the article that talks about Julia dramaturging for Hit List, which he didn't know about. Scott visibly tries to fade into the wallpaper as Tom keeps reading, fighting tears. Julia tries to explain, saying, "You were in tech," because as we all know, that covers a multitude of sins. Tom pounds his drink and tells Julia maybe she should stay somewhere else tonight. Because she is still crashing on his couch!

Richard tells Eileen she got what she wanted: Bombshell on the cover of the Arts & Leisure section. Eileen shouts that he said Bombshell was the past, and tells him she doesn't want to talk to him anymore. She turns and stares out at the huge Bombshell billboard as Richard leaves.

Jimmy apologizes to Kyle for being a dick. Kyle and his backbone aren't quite ready to accept this, but Jimmy says Kyle's the one who got him there and he can't do anything without him. Jimmy quotes from the review: "We're edgy and occasionally brilliant." Kyle replies that he's brilliant all the time and Jimmy is the occasional part. They hug, cutely. And then Kyle's hookup buddy, the lighting designer, pops up, and Jimmy sends him off to suck face.

Karen tells Jimmy she wants to be with him FOREVAH, so he needs to open up to her. And that will send any normal dude running screaming, egad, not to mention someone with all Jimmy's crazy. He apologizes, but says he just can't, and she slumps away.

Ana runs into Jimmy's skeezy drug dealer as she's leaving the theater. He introduces himself as Adam and asks about Jimmy, and when she tells him Jimmy's gone, he says he'll see her around. Ana's intrigued. Girl, no.

Ivy's place. She comes home to find Derek waiting on her doorstep, looking forlorn and somewhat bedraggled. He says he wanted to congratulate her, and she decides to lay down some ground rules about keeping things casual. Derek sets the alarm on his phone for three a.m., since he knows Ivy doesn't like him sleeping over, but she takes the phone and cancels it, then invites him inside. Aw. Against my better judgment, I still like them.

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