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What Doesn't Kill You
time, but the replacement lead isn't very good. Tom all but pats her on the head.

Tom says he's sympathetic to what Julia's been going through and he's worried about her, but it's hard on him watching her so depressed for so long. She says they're different people and she needs time. He says that as partners, her time is his time and she asks if he thinks she's holding him back. She says he's hiding something and he tells her all the gossip about her having a nervous breakdown and how everyone thinks he should look for an Oscar Hammerstein to replace Julia's Lorenz Hart. But he doesn't want a new partner. He wants Julia back.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Or what TV producers think Greenpoint looks like. (At least they've heard there are non-white people in Brooklyn, Lena.) Bobby, Jessica, Ana and Karen arrive at Jimmy and Kyle's little to-do, and Bobby immediately spots Kyle and beelines over. Karen points out Jimmy, who is wearing plaid flannel, because he is, like, authentic or something. The girls push her to go talk to him. They banter, kind of, about Brooklyn. Karen asks for a drink, so Jimmy hollers at Ryan that they need more beer, then gives Karen his because he might not trust her with his music, but it sure looks like he wants to nail her six ways to Sunday.

Ivy asks Derek what's going on with him and he says there's a whole line of Rockettes telling lies about him. He says, "You know what I'm like, I'm not that bad." Ivy seems disinclined to agree. He admits that he was an ass when their relationship ended, but protests that he's not a monster and Ivy asks if he shouldn't be telling Karen, his muse, all this. Derek says Ivy's his friend or at least she was. She says she was a lot of things, but she doesn't know what she is anymore or even if she wants to stay in the business. He looks like he's about to upchuck in the bushes.

Derek protests that she's too good to quit, but Ivy says she wasn't even good enough to be Marilyn. Well, hell, a lot of actresses didn't get to play Elizabeth Taylor last year but that doesn't mean Lindsay Lohan didn't make a total fool of herself, does it? Derek says she just wasn't his Marilyn and he's made tons of mistakes. He sincerely says she's a singular talent and tells her not to give up. Ivy tells him she doesn't think he's a monster. He leans in like he's going to kiss her and Ivy flat out says it's not going to happen, because good god, he must sound like he spent the day curled up in the bottom of a barrel of corn mash.

Gala. Eileen greets Miriam, who's very graceful in not saying, "Oh my god, another one of these uninvited buffoons who are obsessed with Marilyn Monroe." Eileen says she wouldn't dream of missing this important night for the community, but Miriam says she has an organization to protect and doesn't want Eileen's grubby financial troubles tainting the American Theatre Wing. She asks Eileen and the Bombshell team to leave, then says, with amazing sweetness, "I'm so sorry no one in New York will get to see what you lost everything for. Best wishes to you." BURN.

Jimmy is sprawled back on a couch, telling Karen that he liked the Strokes too... when he was 15. Oh Lord, don't ever tell him you're from Iowa then, Cartwright. She says he's a snob, which is kind of true and she asks if the piano Jessica and Ana are currently decorating is his. He says he plays a little, when he's in the mood and she says she sings a little, when she's in the mood. He asks how he'll know if she's in the mood, and Karen awkwardly bugs out her empty, dead eyes and says she gauges the vibe of the room and then she stands up (and spills her beer on him) and then she just starts singing.

She leans in and does, breathily. It's so freshman theater-major-y. Which I suppose fits, but it still makes my skin crawl. Of course, everyone in the room stops and pays attention Karen as she sings one of Jimmy's songs, "Caught in the Storm." He looks absolutely poleaxed and gets up off the couch and storms out, but not before calling Kyle a son of a bitch. Poor Kyle. He just wants to make out with Bobby. Or Jimmy. Or both.

Nighttime. By the river. Kyle chases after Jimmy, who hollers behind him, "You stole my songs?!" Kyle says he just showed Karen one and had no idea she was going to take over the whole party like an insane attention whore. Karen apologizes and says she didn't think he'd get so mad, but Jimmy tells her to stay out of it. She says she just thought he was talented and wanted to help. He yells that he doesn't need help, he writes for himself. Kyle protests that their work isn't just Jimmy's, to which Jimmy says Kyle just sits there and watches him write.

Karen interrupts and says he's really good and she knows it's scary to expose his work to other people, but he has to or he'll never know how good he is. Jimmy says he doesn't need everyone's approval -- unlike Karen -- to know he's good. She protests that she does know she's good, but he asks why she isn't across the river on stage rather than begging strangers for songs. He tells her to get her friends and go. She stalks away, trailed by Ana, Bobby and Jessica, while Jimmy scampers off to steal a horse and sing about Santa Fe.

Tom and Eileen are commiserating about how they're pariahs now, but Eileen says they aren't leaving just yet. She wants the world to see what they'd miss if Bombshell went away. No offense, Eileen, I'm sure your show is swell, but it's not exactly indoor plumbing or penicillin or Google. Or even Seamless. My life would be a little sadder in a way I couldn't define if West Side Story didn't exist, but I'm sure I would've found some other reason to fall in love with Russ Tamblyn at the age of 9. Eileen says they're going to put on a show those turkeys will never forget! Sadly, she doesn't say it like an olde tymey radioman.

Tom calls Karen, but it goes to voicemail. So a second later, Derek shows up with Ivy. Julia says they're grateful to her coming so quickly and she thanks them for wanting her to hear her sing. Derek, still kind of drunk and slurry, says he knows no one wanted him there and Eileen tells him they're all party crashers, so what's one more. Man, this seems like a really good way to get yourself blacklisted from the Tonys and Harvey's dinner parties and every theater in the city except the one on 50th Street that's over a Duane Reade, doesn't it?

Julia, up on stage, introduces herself and says she wants to make a tribute to Miriam, who looks ready to have a rage stroke. Julia introduces Ivy, "one of Broadway's future stars, who will be singing one of our songs from Bombshell, coming to Broadway" -- she pauses dramatically -- "this season."

Ivy sings "They Just Keep Moving the Line," which starts slow, but builds up to be a real barnburner. And it's so handy that the bassist and drummer and the invisible brass section know the orchestration! The audience, including that inveterate gossip Michael Riedel, applauds madly.

Brill Building. Jerry tells Eileen she certainly made an impression at the gala. She says the U.S. Attorney's wife was in attendance and they're allowed to start working on the show again, so long as it isn't for profit or public consumption. Well, that seems to defeat the point. Who wants to do non-profit theater for no audience? Jerry asks how they can resume work on the show when she can't pay anyone. Eileen just stares straight ahead and Jerry asks how much money she needs. She says she'll have her lawyer draw up a contract so she doesn't end up owing him anything. I guess Meryl Streep's daughter's trust fund ran out of cash?

Table 46. Kyle is signing for a delivery of liquor when Jimmy comes outside and tells him to talk about why he's upset. Kyle says Jimmy cost them their shot with an actual Broadway actor who has connections that could get them somewhere. Jimmy says Karen just bugs him. Yeah, you and me bot

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