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What Doesn't Kill You
h, Cowboy. Kyle says he's been taking care of Jimmy for years and now he's blown the only thing Kyle wants. Jimmy says he made coffee. This incredibly generous offer doesn't mollify Kyle, who says he doesn't just watch Jimmy write; he's writing the book. He calls Jimmy a selfish prick and goes inside.

Tom's house. Julia, WHO IS WEARING A HIDEOUS SCARF OF HIDEOUSNESS, holds out a plate of apology muffins, because she can really only communicate her feelings through lyrics and breakfast carbohydrates. She says she got so excited about the show again after hearing Ivy sing their song and says she'll work forever to make it up to him if they get another chance with Bombshell. He apologizes for lying to her and says, as her friend, that she needs to take that shmatte off her neck and burn it.

Karen slurps her cereal as a guy in his underwear comes out of Ana's room. Ana apologizes for the mostly naked guy at breakfast, but not really, since she just got laid. There's a knock at the door, which Karen answers, and it's Jimmy. She asks how he found her and he holds up one of her headshots, which Ana says she might or might not have left on Jimmy and Ryan's fridge last night. I might like Ana if she'd quit standing quite so close to Dead-Eyed Karen, the Human Black Hole, all the time. Underwear Guy greets Jimmy, who comes in and holds up a flash drive, saying it's everything he's written. He says Kyle is the only reason he's trusting her with it. Karen thanks him and says she thinks it could be really big.

Ivy shows up at Derek's door and hands him a hangover special: coffee and a greasy breakfast sandwich. She thanks him for pulling her out of her gloom the night before, and he says, "What did I say?" But he's kidding, thankfully. We all need to cling to that one moment of Derek's decency. Ivy says the storm will pass, and then asks if it's a bad time for her to be there -- does he have company? He's like... yeah. They walk inside and it's Karen, who's there for a "work session." Ivy apologizes and Karen says she heard Ivy saved the day at the gala, because Karen was on the subway or else it would have been The Karen Show. Ivy says it was fun, and then makes an excuse to leave. Karen doesn't quite tell her not to let the elevator hit her in the ass on the way out.

Derek flings himself into a chair and says Jimmy's stuff better be good to get him up when he'd rather be lying with his head in a toilet. She plays the first few bars of "Broadway, Here I Come" and asks what Ivy's visit was about. "Nothing important," Derek says. AUGH, YOU BASTARD.

Coming up this season: Bombshell is back on, but so is Jimmy and Kyle's musical, which Karen also wants the lead in. Jimmy and Kyle meet with Derek, and Karen kind of, maybe, falls in love with Jimmy? Ivy comes back to Bombshell for a hot second, then gets a real role in a show with Sean Hayes. Aaah, and Daniel Sunjata! Guys, I have hope again. Fragile musical-theater hope!

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