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Eileen, in her office, is listening to her messages, including one from Rebecca's agent. And then there's one from Nick, asking her to call him, so it appears that Eileen has gotten the post-makeout cold feet. She goes to Ellis's desk and begins rifling through his files, looking for the background he did on Nick. He comes in unexpectedly with more of Rebecca's demands. He bitches that Rebecca's assistants are bossing him around, and Eileen advises him to suck it up and stop whining. He leaves, and Eileen sits down to find out what's wrong with the tall, dark, and handsome bartender who also keeps a zillion dollars in cash in his fridge. "Great," she mutters. "Another crook." Aw, that's disappointing. I was hoping he was secretly the heir to the throne of Winterfell.

Julia and Shrek are at Dull Leo's school, and the guidance counselor points out that when a kid goes off the rails so suddenly, something must be going on at home. Shrek denies that anything is wrong, but Julia confesses that she's a cheating whore, and then she over-confesses, because Tom's been too busy this episode to be her emotional Kleenex, so she babbles about how she ruined her family and proceeds to make everyone in America uncomfortable. She also seems to be wearing blue lipstick, for some reason.

At rehearsal, they're working on the scene Rebecca suggested, with an actor playing someone who I can only assume is Lee Strasberg (because Stanislavski was dead at this point, although the subsequent song mentions him) calling on Marilyn in class. Ivy and Smirky Boy Dancer are grandly unimpressed with Rebecca's Marilyn voice, which is sort of veering off into a gloss on mid-Guy-Ritchie-years Madonna. Rebecca stops to bitch that she feels the scene is just getting started when it's interrupted by a song. Derek says this sounds like a conversation better had in private, and before they break for a sidebar, Rebecca invites everyone to a private screening of her new movie, Casual Friday 2 (the one with the billboard we could see in Times Square when Karen and Ivy were there). Ellis arrives and arranges a date with Rebecca's assistant, Randall, the one he banged to get her to consider joining the musical. Just then, Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, Colin, who's all tall and wearing black leather, bursts in and wants to talk to her. They have a big messy scene, and Derek manhandles him out, with Eileen helping by threatening to pepper-spray Colin. I love it.

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