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Julia, Tom and Derek are chilling in Eileen's office while Eileen talks the Times's gossip reporters off a ledge. "So her singing is a train wreck, and so is her personal life," Tom observes, which is a little pot-kettley, if you ask me. Although his singing is lovely. Eileen says Rebecca did not get to the top of the A-list by having healthy relationships, and neither did Marilyn, and OH MY GOD SHE IS NOT MARILYN AND SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE. I'm so sick of this show pretending that in order to play a role the actress needs to be the exact kind of disaster the character was, because if that was true Lindsay Lohan would actually have a job as the lead in The Dana Plato Story. As Derek watches with an air of resigned amusement, Eileen instructs Julia and Tom to write the extra-long scene Rebecca wants, and Tom's all, not it.

Karen goes downtown to Dev's cavernous office and finds horrible Denby, who points out that it's his office now, as he's the press secretary. Which Karen didn't know, because no one tells her things. Dev is relegated to a bullpen desk, which RJ is sitting on, chatting flirtatiously about some book she enjoyed but he thought was awful (I amuse myself by thinking they're talking about Fifty Shades of Grey) when Karen arrives. Karen's all wounded that Dev didn't tell her he didn't get the press secretary job, and she picks a fight. The difference in their maturity levels is never more apparent than during this argument. Dev defuses it by saying that Karen is more upset that Dev didn't tell her than by the fact that he didn't get the job, and Karen invites him to the movie, because he apparently loves Casual Friday 1. O-kay.

Eileen's office. She's reading an item about Rebecca and Colin on Page Six, then turns to looks at Nick's dossier and calls him to be all "Things are so crazy at work right now! It's not you, it's me!" Maybe she should throw in that she got divorced five minutes ago and still likes to throw cocktails at her ex-husband from time to time. Nick picks up from his answering machine--he has an answering machine!--and he talks Eileen into meeting in person to dump him. And then Rebecca shows up to thank Eileen for "another great day." She explains about Colin in a very general "Bitches be crazy" way, and then says she wants to talk about the scene they were rehearsing. She loves the new pages from Julia and wants to get everyone together to discuss more of her ideas to make Bombshell less song-and-dancey. She sails out and Eileen summons her minions.

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