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Eileen, Derek and Julia arrive at Tom's place, which is PALATIAL. His entranceway is the size of my kitchen. Derek snarks that at least this last-minute work session gets them out of sitting through Casual Friday 2, to which Julia says she was excited about the movie, because her life is grim and meaningless. Eileen and Tom agree (about wanting to see the movie). Tom gets defensive when no one believes him, and says he still thinks Rebecca's a great actress, even though she can't sing. Julia says that won't be a problem, since the show is now Long Day's Journey Into Marilyn. Eileen declares that they won't expand any more scenes if Rebecca asks, which shocks everyone. "You've already written a marvelous musical, and I want to keep it that way." They have? I guess Tom and Julia finished the book and the songs since last week? Sure.

Sam is at the bar of the Bryant Park Hotel for the movie screening, passing around Rebecca gossip with one of the dancers who hasn't gotten any lines or a name or distinguishing characteristics. Ivy tells them to stop spreading rumors, because that just makes people want to sing Adele songs. Karen, the bluebird of happiness, arrives. Ivy says she's excited to meet Dev, then asks sweetly, "Bit of a temper?" Karen brushes off last week's man-boy slapfight as just a misunderstanding, but Ivy twists the knife by observing that the movie's about to start and Dev hasn't arrived yet.

Randall gets a call from Ellis, who asks the address (of the Bryant Park Hotel? It's the huge black-and-gold building next to Bryant Park, genius), then says he's getting another call. He clicks over, thinking he's talking to his girlfriend, and he says he can't make it because he has to "suck up to that loser tonight." Except it's still that loser on the phone. Oh noes. With respect to poor Randall's feelings, I can't see how this will actually hurt Ellis. It's not like Rebecca will drop out of the show because some overweening worm screwed over her assistant, right? Maybe if he'd been mean to the Cuban assistant, but not to Randall.

During the movie, Karen proves herself to be history's greatest monster as she's that person who answers her texts during movies, which is how she finds out that Dev is bailing on her. She escapes to the bathroom, where Ivy is glossing her lips. She asks if Karen is as bored as she is and Karen says something mealy-mouthed about how the movie isn't terrible, and Ivy's like, no, dummy, she stole our part. We hate her. Ivy drags Karen off to the bar. I love Ivy.

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