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Karen gets home to find the apartment empty, because Dev and RJ are having whiskeys at a bar with their heads together, looking super cozy. Ooh, Karen is going to CRY.

Eileen is having a drink with Nick, on her turf, in a bar that looks like one of the ones where she threw a Manhattan at Jerry. She says she doesn't want to judge him, but that she's wary of getting involved with another, how shall we put this delicately, "unreliable" man. He asks if she's referring to his business arrangement with "the Reggione family." She asks if there's something else shady that she should know about. Nick mentions his undocumented Dominican dishwashers, and then says that the corruption and shady dealings are the price of running a bar in the city, but if she's uncomfortable with that, she can just say so. Eileen, though, is letting her lady parts do her thinking, and they've decided that Nick's hot enough that they don't care if he's an Irish Pablo Escobar. So he kisses her, and it appears that any questions of legality are tabled in favor of making out.

At the rehearsal hall, Ellis intercepts Randall, who scorches Ellis for using him to get to Rebecca. Eileen enters and, rejuvenated by all the making out, barges in on the closed set, because it's been three days and she wants in to see her expensive toy. Ellis trails after her, slobbering.

Derek greets Eileen and asks the company to take it from the top. It's the Actors Studio number, which is actually kind of awesome, although it reminds me of that Gap commercial with Audrey Hepburn crossed with "Cool" from West Side Story. Uma is very effective in it and the execution is much better, and we learn that the show is going to have an out-of-town tryout in Boston at some point. I hope there'll be a number about chowder.

Next week: Karen goes out with Uma, who immediately learns to hate her. And there's a big Bollywood number? Maybe Dev will finally sing.

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