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Table 46. Derek is at the bar. Ana tells him she's dropping her lawsuit and taking the role she was offered in Once. He apologizes for the Daisy debacle, but she rants that she's sure he's not sorry, since he got everything he wanted. Derek is chastened (although not in the original meaning of this word). In the meantime, Ivy has arrived and seen the two harridans. Derek sighs wearily and invites Ivy to come right up and be the latest to kick him in the balls. She sadly tells him she's glad she witnessed that scene, because it reminded her that he's never done the right thing and he never will. She leaves and Derek goes face-first into his whiskey.

Tom's place, Tony nominations morning. Julia arrives just in time for the announcements, bearing scones and scotch. Good woman. In their apartment, Karen and Ana are watching as well, and Jimmy's the latecomer to the breakfast party. I hope he brought muffins and mescal.

Christine Ebersole and Cheyenne Jackson (eeeee!) announce the nominees for featured actress: Momadette as Marilyn's mom, Ivy for Liaisons!, Daisy as the Diva. The downtown crew is disgusted that Ana didn't get the nomination (I'm not sure about how it works having an actor replaced during the show's qualifying run) and Jimmy swears he's going to get Ana her role back, but Karen tells him about Ana landing the Once tour.

Choreography: Derek, watching in bed on his iPad, gets nominated for both Hit List and Bombshell, up against Casey Nicholaw and Susan Stroman. For book: Kyle is nominated. He's up against Harvey Fierstein (for the slavery show, The Gathering Storm, that Tom, Eileen, and Agnes saw earlier), Julia for Bombshell, and David Lindsay-Abaire. Cheyenne points out that Kyle is the youngest book writer ever nominated.

Original score, music and/or lyrics: Tom and Julia get nominated, of course, as does Jimmy. They're up against Tony Kushner for Imitation of Life. And for direction: Tom gets it! He's up against Rob Ashford, Diane Paulus, and Derek, making Derek the second person in Tony history nominated for three awards in the same year, after Bob Fosse. (And if you like Fosse, just go watch this. It's so fun.)

And now, leading actress: Karen. Stupid glass of milk Karen. Up against Kate Baldwin, Sutton Foster, and Audra McDonald. Ivy does not get nominated. In Tom's apartment, she's ashen. Cheyenne is mumbling to Christine, who says she skipped one -- Ivy DOES get the nomination. Christine apologizes for the heart attack as Ivy and Tom and Julia freak out.

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