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What Goes Around

Agnes calls Eileen to tell her about the twelve nominations, which also included Best Musical. Hit List got thirteen, she concedes, but twelve is still awesome. Eileen is upstate visiting Nick in prison. A cop knocks on the window of her car and tells her Nick was released weeks ago.

Downtown, Ana excuses herself so Karen and Jimmy can molest each other. Instead, he launches into a tortured explanation of his asshole behavior since Kyle's death. He's afraid to let people get close to him, apparently, and says watching the show helped him realize that the show can live without him. And without Karen, too, he says. I'm beginning to worry about a Tony night murder-suicide.

At his place, Tom thanks a delivery boy for the nice bottle of wine he's brought by -- from Patrick. Julia's phone rings, and that it's Shrek, who is enraged that Julia hired Eileen's divorce attorney. He shouts that they're going to war now rather than mediation. Which would have made season three almost as unbearable as season one!

At Table 46, Michael Riedel congratulates Derek on his three nominations and asks if he's feeling vindicated about the sexual harassment allegations. Derek replies evenly that the work is all that matters, and Riedel tries to pull some more out of him by teasing that the whole town must've been wrong about Derek, but Derek seems to be at peace with his hounddoggery. He confesses that the rumors were true. He moves as if to turn off Riedel's recorder, but then pulls it closer to him and spills the whole Daisy saga, admitting that Ana was collateral damage. He finishes with an apology. Michael Riedel is about to jump out of his glasses with glee.

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