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Why Is It Always All About My Mother?
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Previously on Smash: Sam sang and danced, and it was glorious! But then Tom broke his heart and he went away. In pursuit of publicity for Bombshell, Eileen lured Ivy's mom to play Marilyn's mom in the show. And Jimmy and Karen did it on her kitchen table like savages.

The morning after, at Karen's place. She is wearing Jimmy's T-shirt, because of course she is, as she makes coffee and Jimmy comes out of the bedroom wearing something -- a serape? A throw rug? -- so brightly colored that I'm surprised it doesn't singe his flesh. He tries to tug her back to bed while Karen protests that they have rehearsal, and then the doorbell buzzes: it's Karen's dad, Dylan Baker. She throws Jimmy's clothes at him and actually makes him climb out the window, and again, this character is supposed to be an adult woman who is in charge of her life and her decisions and who has agency. Oh no wait, I'm wrong, she's a dead-eyed golem made of Coca-Cola cups glued together with Neutrogena. Karen lets her dad in and hugs him, but Jimmy didn't get away quite quickly enough because Roger gets a glimpse of him leaving.

Ivy and Sam are walking up Broadway when her phone rings -- it's her mom, again, but Ivy is refusing to answer her mother's calls because Momadette skipped the opening of Liaisons! and didn't even bother to send a card. Really, she should blame this show's cheap-ass producers. Sam bitches a little about how last week he was the star of the hottest touring show in the country, and now he's basically Boy Dancer Bobby's understudy. And I continue dreaming of a spinoff called AfterSMASH, which is a variety show starring Ivy and Sam, with occasional decorating tips from Tom, because his apartment makes me yearn. Outside the Flatiron, stage manager Linda is waiting for them, and tells Ivy that Tom and Eileen want to speak with her privately.

In the rehearsal room, Julia is reading to Tom a draft of an e-mail she's written to Scott, and Tom's all, I think there was work you were supposed to be doing? She's still stuck on the whole Scott thing -- you know, the thing where she was a total cow and ruined his career because OMG MIKE NICHOLS, and Scott is being so unreasonable by still holding a grudge, that thing -- and Tom tries to convince her to give Scott time after her apology last week, as he promises he will give Sam time, but Julia just mulishly hits the Send button. Oy. He is just not that into you, Julia. Linda tells them Ivy has arrived, so Eileen starts to tell her the Momadette news, but she's superseded by The Lady Herself, all spiral curls and glorious face and oh my god, this is going to be awesome.

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