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Why Is It Always All About My Mother?

Tom tries to soften the blow by asking Ivy to picture it: "Leigh Conroy, stepping out of retirement to play the role of a lifetime, the role only she could play: your mother!" Sam does a drive-by mutter, very dryly under his breath: "She already has that role." Turns out Momadette hasn't accepted yet, because she wanted Ivy's blessing before she joined the show. Eileen explains that the creative side of Bombshell is going great, and they need the business side to go great as well. And the way to do that is attaching a name to it.

Ivy phases back in from whatever fugue state she was in (probably meticulously plotting how she's going to fake her own death and run away to be the brightest star of the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, dinner-theater scene and marry a dentist named Brian and they'll have like six hefty Midwestern children and never again will Ivy be introduced as Leigh Conroy's daughter) and tepidly agrees. Tom, Eileen, and Julia put their scheming heads together and gloat about how this will land them on the cover of the Times art section, thanks to Eileen's friendship with Richard. Who's coming later on with a photographer.

Hit List rehearsal. Karen sings "Broadway Here I Come," which was so much better and didn't make me want to pull out my own fingernails when Jimmy did it in the season premiere. Scott and Derek come in and Derek stops Karen, saying they have plenty to do. Dylan Baker applauds madly -- he's the only one this time -- and Derek suggests he come to tonight's fundraiser, where the theater's patrons will get their first look at the show. Scott suggests also having Ana perform the Diva's number, which Derek says will be practically impossible because they haven't, like, finished choreographing it, but when has not rehearsing something ever stopped this show? Jimmy is conspicuously absent.

Karen's dad thinks she's great, but he's confused about why she left Bombshell, as any logical person would be. She says the show is right for her, even though it's not Broadway.

Jimmy, outside the theater, is talking to Kyle on the phone, saying he's almost there, when he sees the guy who beat him up that time he went to The Place We Do Not Speak Of to retrieve his notebook. Jimmy pales, then turns and almost runs the other direction.

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