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Why Is It Always All About My Mother?

Tom comes into the rehearsal studio to talk to Ivy and Sam, and tries to defer all responsibility for the Momadette decision onto Eileen, but Ivy doesn't really want to hear it. So he calls a start to the first rehearsal with Norma Jean and Gladys. Momadette asks where she should stand, and Ivy says, "Right behind me," very precisely.

Karen and Derek watch the dancers start on the Diva's number, and she tells him her father thinks she made a mistake leaving Bombshell. Derek asks her to bring him to the fundraiser, which she says isn't really his thing. Free cocktails and nibbly things? That's everyone's thing. The song stops, Ana goes off for her costume fitting, and Jimmy arrives, finally.

Bombshell rehearsal. Ivy and Momadette's dialogue is uncomfortably on-the-nose regarding their personal relationship, and it's also incredibly wooden. Tom stops them and pulls the two women aside while Bobby and Jessica snipe about how boring the scene is. "I want my catfight already," Bobby whines. Tom explains that they're being very polite, even warm, while playing a contentious scene in which Norma has asked Gladys to let the neighbors adopt her because Gladys is mentally unstable. They both give their reasons, and WE GET IT, you two have a terrible relationship that you don't want to air in front of everyone.

Richard calls Eileen and she suggests that he come tomorrow with the photographer rather than today, and also that she repay his kindness with dinner. Richard asks, roguishly, if Eileen is asking him out on a date, and she says it would be a conflict of interest. They flirt a little, and it's very cute. It appears that Anjelica Huston had it written into her contract that her character gets the romantic attentions of a certain number of ruggedly handsome middle-aged gentlemen every season, and good for her.

Tom asks Julia why Ivy and Momadette are turning what should be a mother-daughter version of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? into Gilmore Girls. She suggests he find another way to get the performance he wants out of his actresses, since they're a week away from TECH!!! Tom says it's not going to be pretty.

Karen asks Jimmy if he's mad that she kicked him out of her apartment, and he's already forgotten. She meebles something about her dad, and he asks if she told anyone about their nasty boot-knockin', then suggests they keep it between the two of them. Because that's what you want in your illicit workplace romance. And then he sees that guy, who has made his way into the theater. Hugs, not drugs, Jimmy.

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