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Why Is It Always All About My Mother?

Fundraiser. Karen is singing "Broadway Here I Come" again, and it hasn't gotten any less lifeless in the eight or so hours since the earlier rehearsal. She finishes, gets a huge hand, and Derek tells her dad that she's a star. "She could've been, if you'd let her," Roger replies. He tells Derek he's been reading about him and the way he treats women, and says Karen threw away her Broadway dreams to follow Derek. "A man would stand up and admit his role in all this," he says. "A boy would sneak out the window."

Scott congratulates Jimmy, and Jimmy chooses this moment to hit him up for an advance on his paychecks. Scott's all, have you noticed that we are a nonprofit theater? Jimmy looks around at all the donors, whose money just just keeps the lights on, and then he asks Jimmy if there's a problem. Jimmy just fucks off to see who else he can hit up.

At the bar, Scott jokes with Julia about a restraining order, and she says she's just here to support his theater. He remarks that she's trying too hard, and she replies that she feels terrible. He doesn't look all that broken up about her precious feelings. Across the room, Richard and Eileen flirt some more.

Kyle runs backstage to freak Ana out by telling her about Richard, but Karen just wants to talk about Jimmy, of course. One of the stage managers calls Ana, saying they're ready for her number.

Onstage, Ana, wearing an enormous skirt over a partially transparent catsuit, pretends to play the piano while she sings and the dancers do insane acrobatic things on the piano. She gets up and slinks down a runway -- or maybe it's one of the dinner tables that's just been cleared of all the place settings? -- then grabs onto a trapeze that hauls her up into the air. She and the dancers segue into the Cirque du Soleil section of their number, which is more interesting than the song, although that's not saying much. For someone named "the Diva," she's a real snooze. Richard looks like he's regretting coming below 14th Street.

Jimmy goes out to the lobby and tells the guy working the coat check he's needed downstairs. And then Jimmy starts riffling through everyone's pockets, looking for small things he can fence. Well, that's one way to get publicity for your show: "Aspiring Broadway composer arrested for theft." I'm sure the Post will be able to make it rhyme. And then Derek catches him. Hey, you know who's the only one in this flea circus who has money? Derek.

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