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Why Is It Always All About My Mother?

Karen's dad says he finally understands why she left Bombshell: for Jimmy. He can't understand why she hasn't even mentioned Jimmy to her parents, and they're just concerned and don't want her making a mistake. Karen brats that if there's a mistake to be made, she's already made it. I'll say. Close your mouth, Karen. Roger gets in a cab and leaves.

Flatiron. Ivy and Momadette are playing another Marilyn and Gladys scene, and this time it's way better. Momadette starts singing "I'll Hang the Moon," and how there is a dry eye in that room I do not know. We segue into seeing the number through Tom's eyes, with the actresses in costume and the stage dressed. It's lovely and sad and does not belong on the same channel as Ol' Dead Eyes, much less in the same damn episode.

The next day, downtown, Derek hands Jimmy an envelope of money, and tells him to go handle his problem now so they don't end up pulling his handless, toothless corpse out of the East River on opening night. Jimmy thanks him and skulks off. In the lobby of the theater, Roger tells Karen he just wants her to be happy, and if Jimmy makes her happy, he's fine with it. Jimmy comes out of the theater and Roger calls the show "interesting," which is the best anyone in this thing can hope for from their parents. And then he invites Jimmy to have dinner with the family when the show opens, and Jimmy gets that deer-in-the-headlights look that follows a one-night stand getting all clingy and having feelings.

Derek escorts Roger out to find him a cab, while Jimmy says to Karen, "So you told your dad." She explains about how he saw him on the fire escape, and Jimmy apologizes for being weird lately (but not for being a jackass rage hulk for like seven episodes). Roger apologizes to Derek and blows Jimmy and Karen's cover, which makes Derek get his pissy, pointy face on.

Julia joins Scott at a café, and she can't believe he remembered her usual order from fifteen years ago. But he did. Because it was tea. How hard is tea? He wants to know how to turn an ancillary character into a second lead. Julia says she needs to play off the lead: be a villain or a cautionary tale, for instance, and she asks why. Scott wants to give her the chance to make it up to him for dumping him all those years ago, by being a dramaturg for Hit List. She blinks like eight hundred times, and Scott asks her just to read the show and give him her thoughts. She asks if Derek knows, and Scott says the favor is for him, not Derek. I'm sure this won't end in everyone screaming at each other and throwing pastries around one of Manhattan's finest bistros.

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