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Memento Morbid

Eileen accosts Jerry in a restaurant, again, part infinity. Yes, Anjelica Huston tosses a drink like a champ, but at that point it is just a touch overdone, no? They discuss his "advertisement," which he pronounces like he's British, and as Jerry's teenage date sighs dramatically, squabble over money. Eileen warns Jerry to stay away from Bombshell and tosses yet another drink in his face. Sigh.

Downtown. Hit List's fans have ignored the cancellation, demanding the show, and Scott speculates that maybe they should run it, maybe it's what everyone needs. Ivy finally answers Derek's call, with him glooming that he's back in this grubby little theater because someone (Kyle) inspired him. Ivy offers to come downtown and support him tonight, even going so far as fake sick so her understudy will play Marilyn. (Deleted scene: Understudy loses her shit. Good for you, understudy!) Derek is touched that she'd do that for him, and after they hang up he tells the company he's uncanceling the show to honor Kyle's memory. They'll do it as a concert so Sam doesn't have to worry about the blocking, but Ana pipes up that Karen has also run off.

Bombshell. Momadette and Kid Marilyn perform "At Your Feet," with the change Kyle suggested. The stage manager compliments Tom on it, and tells him Ivy went home sick an hour ago, even though she seemed fine earlier.

Karen has been running around looking for Jimmy, of course. She finds him in Brooklyn Bridge Park, I think, staring out at the East River. She's convinced he's going to fling himself into the water, but Jimmy says he's not, then blames himself for Kyle's death and yells at her when she tries to console him. Jimmy Collins: still an asshole. Karen confesses that she's in love with Jimmy and that's why she only let Derek put the tip in, and begs him to come back to the show.

Manhattan Theatre Workshop. Amid the maudlin musical plinkings of the score, Julia exclaims to Marissa about how all these people showed up even with the show canceled. Marissa brings her up to date on how the show must go on, which Julia somehow takes as a deep and unforgivable betrayal, for some reason, because she goes to Scott's office to yell at him for using her and exploiting Kyle's death so he could keep his job. He says it keeps Kyle's work alive, and that now Hit List is a phenomenon: "People are going to remember this night forever." Seriously, what was going through Jesse's head during all this? Julia stalks out, and I really don't get what her problem is. Then again, I rarely understand Queen Overreactrix the Thin Skinned.

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