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Ivy slaps hands with all the grubby children who've come to watch the number, and oh my god, one of those germ vectors is going to give her pinkeye. Agnes Rubin-Vega is all, ick, children, and shows up to hustle Ivy to her appearance at Macy's. (For a sweater line. Ha!) Eileen runs through Ivy's schedule for the day: matinee, interview, evening show, and then Ivy says she plans to go home and sack out forever. Eileen reminds her about another event, a Q&A with Tom and Julia that's before the evening's performance. Poor Ivy.

Agnes pipes up that Marisa Tomei broke her leg, which means Moonstruck isn't going to Broadway this season. (Moonstruck on stage? With Marisa Tomei? I...I don't hate it? But I'm worried some lunatic would put Constantine Maroulis in the Nicolas Cage role and then John Patrick Shanley would set fire to 43rd Street.) Two other shows are also out of the running, so Eileen guesses that the Best Musical Tony is all theirs if they can stay open till June. Agnes cautions that the ticket sales and word of mouth haven't been as strong as they'd like, so they'll need a miracle to stay open 'til June.

Tom interrogates Julia about Gatsby. It is the same argument they had last week. Tom is all tarted up in a slick suit like he's suddenly become Mr. Corporate Broadway, and he basically tells Julia to break all the promises she's made about doing Gatsby as a play and do it as a musical, with him. And without Scott.

The photographer is packing up and Jimmy still hasn't showed. He tells Derek they'll do an inside spread rather than the cover, as if this is something the photographer ever gets to decide when he's not also the magazine's art director. Derek and Karen look outside and find Jimmy, high as a kite, being pried out of a cab by a giggling blonde girl. He breezes in, happy as you please.

Scott's office. Julia pops in and he's adorably delighted to see her. He shows her the guest list for Hit List tonight and gushes about her Gatsby opening scene. Oh my god, Julia, if you break Jesse L. Martin's heart again I will...I have no power as a recapper, but I will be pretty goddamn angry for these remaining four episodes. She hesitantly tells Scott about how Tom is being a dickhead and he's just like, so we're back at this again. Scott, quietly angry, tells her that Hit List has put him in the hole with this year's budget and he needs a home run next season. He thought Gatsby would be that home run.

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