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Deus ex Maxima

Derek asks Ivy on the phone when he can see her next, and she dodges him. You do you, Ivy.

Kyle tells Jimmy he just lost them the cover of New York magazine. Ha! Well, I can tell you that's not how that really happens. And that New York loves Broadway, but Broadway does not get covers. (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was the last time a Broadway show was on the cover. So if anything, Bombshell would have gotten a cover. Maybe.) Kyle yells at him, but Jimmy just brushes off all his worries, since the show's run is sold out, and because Jimmy doesn't have the brain cells left to think past next week. Kyle's amour Blake, the lighting designer, pops his head in and asks if everything is okay, and I wonder how Kyle's going to explain last week's whole went-home-with-Tom thing to cute Blake. Jimmy needles Kyle about exactly that, and how he's slept with Tom more than once, apparently, and just then some guy in a pea coat stumbles in and asks if this is the audition for Jesse.

Ooh, Sam! Sam is auditioning for Jesse! And it looks like he's acquired about twenty percent of Julia's scarf collection. Can we just listen to Leslie Odom Jr. sing for the next forty minutes? That would make me really happy. Jimmy bursts in and screams at Derek for giving away his part, and Derek points out that this is an audition for his understudy. Since he is an unreliable crackhead who keeps disappearing. Derek introduces Sam very supportively and Jimmy storms off.

Ana smirks that Adam was right about Jimmy, and Karen takes this opportunity to make this all about her, some more. She says she doesn't want her breakup with Jimmy to ruin the show. Ana soothes that it's not her fault, but Kyle interjects that it totally is, because she's the one who hounded Jimmy to open up to her, then dumped him when she didn't like what he told her. He has a point. But then he ruins it by getting all sanctimonious about how he's the only one who cares about Jimmy and goes off to tenderly stroke his hair.

In her office, Eileen accepts another publicity gig, at a senior center in Brighton Beach. Agnes shows up with the news about all the producers seeing Hit List tonight. Agnes wants Eileen to get them tickets for the opening so they can check out the competition--and maybe Eileen would be interested in producing the Broadway transfer?

Kyle chastises Jimmy for being an irresponsible jerkoff for the last week, and reminds him that basically all their dreams are coming true tonight. But Jimmy has no dreams. Jimmy is a rock. Jimmy is an island. He tells Kyle he thought Karen was the one, and Kyle sighs that he doesn't think there is such a thing as the one. Jimmy brings up the cheating-on-Blake thing again, but Kyle brushes him off and invites him to have dinner before the show with Kyle, Blake, and Kyle's parents. Jimmy's all, uh-huh, sure, I will totally be there!

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