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Derek blasts into the room and says he's found an understudy for the next time Jimmy goes AWOL. And then he reads Jimmy the riot act and threatens to replace him with Sam if he fucks up the big show tonight. Jeremy Jordan's expression at that point is just amazing. He looks like someone slapped him in the head with a large fish.

Kyle's parents squeal adorably about the show, and his mom does exactly what mine would do if I ever did something remotely accomplished: she asks a guy waiting in line to get into the theater if he wants Kyle's autograph. It's so cute and midwestern. Kyle reminds them that Jimmy is also a part of this big cool thing he's done, and they ask if Jimmy's using again, since he didn't show up for dinner. Blake has gotten really good at his Jimmy Face: bland, supportive, non-judgmental. KYLE. Why did you cheat on him?!

Ah, the partner in said cheating. Tom smugly asks Julia how Scott took the news about Gatsby. Julia replies that she's not breaking her promise to Scott, and Tom is still in full-on Corporate Guy mode, asking about his promise to her, and being really shitty and pushy about the importance of their partnership. He knocks back a glass of champagne while they argue about Gatsby and his directing career and Tom trumps her with the fact that Julia's option on Gatsby is held by their company, which they own jointly. Oops.

Hit List. Derek greets Daryl Roth and Kevin McCollum and tells them he's going to let the producers in attendance leg-wrestle for the right to bring Hit List to Broadway. I sure hope none of them have heard any of the gossip about Jimmy, or they might not want to be involved in this powder keg (although Kevin has worked with Robin Williams, so maybe he likes managing lunatics).

Backstage, the stage manager says Jimmy still isn't there, and Derek is just about to cancel the show as Jimmy saunters in. He goes to get dressed and on the way exchanges Tense, Meaningful Eye Contact with Karen. Well, he does. She just stares dully at the wall next to him. Out in the house, Scott asks Derek what the hell Eileen is doing here if she's so uninterested in producing Hit List on Broadway. Well, she had that fantastic red suit and nowhere to wear it.

As the lights go down, there's an announcement encouraging the audience members to use their cell phones during the show and record the whole thing if they like. "We don't own [the show] any more than you do," the woman on the recording smugs. Oh, I bet all those producers who'd like to see a profit on moving Hit List to Broadway will love that. The show opens with Ana's murdery take on "Broadway, Here I Come," and then Jimmy misses his cue to start "Rewrite This Story." Derek's ready to chuck him into the Gowanus himself.

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