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Deus ex Maxima

Ivy introduces Julia and Tom as part of the long history of Broadway writing partnerships (and she opens with Rodgers and Hammerstein, not mentioning that those two got together after the end of Richard Rodgers's partnership with Lorenz Hart. I mean, Hart died. But it was still a creative partnership coming to an end), and compares it to a marriage. Tom and Julia bitterly agree that it is just like a long, stifling, miserable marriage and shoot sideways barbs at each other. Ivy and her plunging V-neck are like, THAT IS ENOUGH LET'S MOVE ON. The Q&A just goes on disastrously from there. Eventually the audience stops laughing at the nasty barbs they're slinging and wonder when they'll start pummeling each other. When an audience member asks what they're doing next, Tom says it's Gatsby, but Julia corrects him: she's doing Gatsby, as a play, with Scott. The same guy asks if this means they're not working together anymore, and Tom confirms that yes, it does.

Downtown, "Jesse" plays the piano and sings. "Amanda" swans in and demands to hear this new song, "Don't Let Me Know." The scene moves from Jesse writing the song to Amanda performing it in a nightclub and then recording it. During the number, Jimmy changes (or fucks up) his blocking, which enrages Derek, who's watching from backstage with the stage manager. And the choreography includes a whole bunch of iPads arranged to make a mosaic of Amanda's face, which is helping me understand how Scott blew this season's budget. Then Jimmy does it again, wandering into a different part of the scene when he's not supposed to be there. He's just standing behind the dancers, staring at Karen.

Julia and Tom squabble quietly about the death of their partnership. He says she's been auditioning new collaborators--Peter, Scott, Kyle and Jimmy--and that their partnership only works when it's all about Julia. He's been taking care of her since her marriage fell apart, but she wouldn't wait for him to pursue something he loved. Julia insists that Gatsby is something she loves, and it's made her happy like nothing else has in years. Which gives Tom his answer.

Karen performs "Broadway, Here I Come," and once again Jimmy's out of place. When the Diva shoots Amanda, Karen collapses and Jimmy's not there to catch her. And it sounds like she really clobbers the hell out of her head, but she's still conscious when he rushes up onto the riser and cradles her in his arms. Backstage, he apologizes while Karen changes out of her costume. Her elbow is skinned, and Derek shows up to chastise Jimmy for going onstage high. He's very contrite, but still. Didn't this kind of behavior basically get Ivy blackballed last season?

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