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Deus ex Maxima

The stage manager calls them to their positions for the finale. Jesse sings "The Goodbye Song" to Amanda's ghost, and it kind of works that Dead Eyes isn't moving her face at all, because now she's supposed to be dead. Finally, an appropriate character choice! The number itself, once it gets to the part that includes the entire ensemble, has a hint of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson energy, but it's awfully Up With People for a show this dark. And not memorable enough for the audience to be humming it on their way out of the theater. In short: meh.

In the audience, Eileen and Agnes watch, stone-faced. Agnes is all, we came, we saw, now let's please get a taxi and go above 14th Street before this grimy downtown air gives me chilblains. But Eileen wants to stick around for a minute. Uh-oh.

The stage manager tells Karen to go get her arm checked out, but she says she's fine. Kyle pops up and apologizes for Jimmy. From the corner, Derek says he's going to fire Jimmy, shut the show down for a few days, and move Sam into the lead. Kyle wants to be the one to tell Jimmy.

Daryl and Kevin discuss the show in earshot of Agnes, who sneakily interjects that she thinks it's more like Hedwig and the Angry Inch or Rocky Horror. Kevin says he likes edgy, but Agnes doesn't see the value in the show. Scott greets the producers and asks who's up for a drink. They just stare at him like he has the mummified head of Wilson Jermaine Heredia surgically grafted onto his left shoulder.

Bar. A lady compliments Karen's performance and asks for her autograph; some dude gushes over Ana; Derek and Scott toss back whiskey and commiserate about how none of the producers took the bait. Derek goes off to see if Eileen's interested. Jimmy sweeps in, hollering about getting the party started, and Kyle and Blake just give him the Shark-Eyed Stare of What the Fuck, Man. Kyle tells Jimmy that Derek and Scott are going to fire him, which Jimmy doesn't believe. He can't believe Kyle didn't stand up for him, but Kyle reminds him that he's pulled Jimmy out of countless shitty situations. Jimmy just twitches and scratches and then climbs up on the bar to make a speech.

Everyone boos when Jimmy announces that he's been canned, then rambles druggily about how he's the only creative one involved in this whole show. He sardonically thanks Karen for leading Derek on, bringing in his replacement, and having no ability to portray real emotion, then moves on to Kyle and tells Blake how Kyle slept with Tom. Blake storms out. Ana drags Jimmy down from the bar and tells him Karen and Kyle have done nothing but love him, but Jimmy counters that the one who's in love with him isn't the one whose bathing suit area he wants to touch. Kyle just opens and closes his mouth fifteen times, like a fish.

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