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Deus ex Maxima

Ana huddles around Karen, who, surprise, hasn't reacted to any of this because she doesn't have human emotions. Kyle wants to run after Jimmy and yell at him again about appropriate behavior, as if that has ever worked, but Karen tells him not to. Kyle resolves to cut Jimmy out of his life, because listening to Karen Cartwright has ever worked out for anyone.

Eileen tells Derek on the phone that money is what motivates producers, not taste, and the ones he invited don't see money in Hit List. Well, certainly not with its lead actor cracked off his head and wandering around the stage in a haze. She says she loved it, personally, but she doesn't have the money to move it to Broadway. And she doesn't want to bet against Bombshell. What's that? A shred of sanity? I can't believe it! Agnes comes in and tells Eileen that ticket sales are up. So working Ivy like a Clydesdale is paying off.

Ivy's place. She's sacked out on her sofa, watching HBO, when Derek calls. She doesn't answer. Good girl. Downtown, Derek is slumped at the bar and asks Karen why Ivy isn't answering his calls. Karen's tipsy and giggly and tries to console Derek about the show, but he'd prefer being consoled with someone's vagina, you know? He mutters that it didn't occur to him that Hit List wouldn't move to Broadway, and Karen says they'll find something else. But Derek doesn't want something else. I'm not clear if he means he wants Ivy, or he wants Karen, or maybe he wants to go back to London and make series five of Coupling like I have been asking Santa Claus for lo these many years. Karen offers him another drink. And her vagina.

Kyle sings Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye" as he walks along the Greenpoint waterfront. At his apartment, Tom stares at the board for Marilyn and the couch where Julia used to sleep. In Scott's office, Julia types away at Gatsby. In her office, Eileen considers Hit List, staring out at the Bombshell billboard. In the Greenpoint hovel, Kyle packs a duffel bag and takes down a photo booth strip of himself and Jimmy.

Derek and Karen leave the bar, and she asks if he's planning to walk her home. He's all...yes. Yes, I am. Kyle knocks on Adam's door, leaves Jimmy's duffel in front of it, and walks away, still singing, on the verge of tears. Although I'm pretty sure it's impossible to sing a Jeff Buckley song without bursting into tears unless you are, in fact, Jeff Buckley. I guess we'll see.

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