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The Substance of Getting Fired
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Previously on Smash: Karen wants Jimmy to get famous with Hit List. Ivy is moving on, to her new role in Liaisons! Peter is helping Julia fix Bombshell, and horrible Jerry is now the producer in place of Eileen.

Eileen's office. She's angry she can't attend a reading of the new Bombshell script, but Jerry is somewhat less than sympathetic for her whole telling-the-truth-to-the-feds thing. He tells her she'll be having tea at the Mandarin Oriental while her baby is moving on without her. He's still a gross sleaze.

Tom and Derek tour the Belasco, Bombshell's new home (and most recently home to Clifford Odets's Golden Boy). Tom wanders around on the stage, wondering if a new number for the top of act two will fit -- he wants to land Marilyn's plane on the stage, like he thinks he's freaking Claude-Michel Schönberg. Tom launches into the number, playing all the roles of the reporters waiting to greet Karen's Marilyn. "Public Relations" looks like most of the other Marilyn numbers, with the dancers moving Karen around like she's a particularly expensive, inexpressive prop. The costumes are divine, though.

Derek asks Tom if he's done with his prancy little daydream already, and asks if the number is in Julia's new draft -- Tom sure hopes it is, but he hasn't read it. Julia and Peter arrive and Tom comments on how they're finishing each other's sentences and being all chummy rather than lunging for each other's throats like the last time we saw them. Derek asks if they have a finished book, and -- the show was interrupted here by the noise of two enormous raccoons fighting on my back porch. Guys, I live in Brooklyn and I'm on the second damn floor. What in the actual fuck is going on here?

Anyway. Yes, they have a book. Yes, Peter and Julia are being really smug about it. Derek is still uncertain, because Jerry has threatened to pull the plug on the show if the reading doesn't go well. He's mean to Julia and Tom about it, because he is Derek. I wish he'd come to my house and be mean to these fucking raccoons. Peter reassures Julia about the quality of the show and mentions how they made the smart choice to leave out a Liz Taylor sequence, and I would totally settle for Peter coming to scare off the raccoons.

Karen and her new roommate, Ana, are at a trendy kickboxing gym. Derek calls Karen and they discuss the read-through. He asks how Jimmy and Kyle are, and she doesn't know, because she's treating Jimmy like a potential boyfriend and refusing to call him rather than like a business partner. Derek mentions the upcoming winter fringe festival, and thinks that might be a good fit for Hit List to make its debut.

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