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The Substance of Getting Fired

Jerry is telling the creative team that Julia's book is an artistic triumph, but he's not going to produce it. It's just not Broadway. There's that word again! I don't think it means what you think it means. Everyone protests, but Jerry says he wants to make money, and keep people coming to the theater for years. He starts listing all manner of shows that didn't make their money back: Follies, Grey Gardens, Ragtime, Sunday in the Park With George. Well, there goes your hope of a Mandy Patinkin cameo. Jerry suggests taking this show to the Public, since it won't play at the Belasco. Julia asks Jerry if he'd seriously rather not produce Bombshell than produce this version. Jerry says no, he has a version he loves, and he plans to use that. Julia brings up her contract and says he can't produce a version she didn't write, but Jerry holds up the workshop draft from seven months earlier. He says Tom sent it to him. And here I was thinking that FUCKING ELLIS had written his own draft.

Julia shouts at Tom, who says he just sent Jerry a couple of past drafts so he could get up to speed when he came on board as producer, and this was the one he thought was best. Julia just wants to put her foot down with Jerry and say this final draft is what they want to produce. Tom disagrees -- Julia's story is about the men who created Marilyn, but Tom's version is about Marilyn creating herself. Derek interrupts and says they need a decision. Derek sides with Julia, Tom sides with Jerry, so they agree to bring in Eileen as tiebreaker.

Terry runs up to Ivy and tells her he's had a breakthrough. He tells her he's decided to go off his Zoloft and Adderall and Ambien and lithium to make himself a better actor. This will end well. Ivy can see the slow-motion train wreck unfolding in front of her as Terry scampers away to fuck with his brain chemistry.

Roof deck. Kyle is still bemoaning how Jimmy's work is great and his is shit. He asks why the whole show can't be Jimmy's songs -- a sung-through show like Rent. You still need lyrics that aren't terrible, but I guess that's better -- and quicker -- than Kyle learning to not suck. Kyle agrees and trots off, once again an agreeable little elf. Ana excuses herself to get more beer, and Jimmy brings up his behavior toward Karen at Ronnie's concert. He apologizes, and says Kyle explained Karen's "situation." She thinks he's talking about Dev, and stares dazedly at him when he suggests they be friends. That ought to last like two minutes. Jimmy asks Kyle if he's sure Karen is dating Derek. Kyle says Derek dates all his leading ladies -- even though Kyle told Jimmy in episode three that Karen hadn't slept with Derek. Whatever. I suppose we need the exquisite dramatic tension of Jimmy Thinks Karen Is a Whore But Really She's Just So Hardworking and Talented and Eventually He'll Come Around to keep this train moving.

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