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Previously on Smash: Jennifer Hudson showed up as Veronica Moore, and she and Derek are going to do a one-night-only show to prove that she's not Broadway's adorable sweetheart anymore. Eileen hired hot dramaturg Peter to save Bombshell, and Julia hates him because he's awesome and hot and right all the time. The feds found out about Nick's mob money. And Karen managed to get Derek to meet Jimmy and Kyle and listen to their raggedy-ass story, Hit List.

It's morning for all the characters, and aren't they bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Ronnie is singing on a bare stage to her backup dancers, who are listening in the audience, as are Derek and stage manager Linda. Tom is playing the piano. As Ronnie finishes the song, her momager, Cynthia Moore, introduces herself to Derek (and she's played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, who was the original Deena in Dreamgirls).

Derek goes up on stage to talk to Ronnie about the song, "I Got Love," which he says doesn't really fit into the image she's trying to transition to, a bolder and more adult one. Don't people just usually leak a sex tape if they want to do that? Cynthia interrupts and says that Ronnie won two Tony awards with her current sweetie-pie image. They spar about whose name was more responsible for the concert selling out in six hours, Derek or Ronnie, and Tom tries to interrupt diplomatically to suggest a break. Derek snaps at him, because Derek dearly loves snapping at Tom, then calls a break anyway.

Linda tells Derek one of the dancers isn't coming, because her boyfriend asked her not to work with Derek any longer. He tells her to find someone who isn't scared of his penis, then turns to Tom and tells him he wanted new music, not Ronnie's old standards. Tom thinks they should give the people what they've become accustomed to hearing from her, but Derek wants "something raw." Seriously. Sex tape.

Tom's phone rings and it's Julia calling from NYU, where Peter invited her to talk to his acting class. Swell. Tom reminds her that she hates acting classes, so why is she making an exception for Peter? She says they're going to work on the book after class. Tom observes that she said "we," so maybe she doesn't hate Peter more than she hates acting classes? Boo. I liked it when they were at each other's throats.

In their hideous Greenpoint hovel, Jimmy is flipping coins at a jar like he's in Cool Hand Luke while Kyle is trying to book a live reading of their musical, but getting nowhere without Derek's name attached to it. When Jimmy mumbles sardonically into his sleeve about how Derek's not helping them at all, Kyle tells him that they're just doing what Derek told them to do: try out their material, build buzz and get people talking. Just then their precious savior, Karen Cartwright, calls to ask how fast they can get to Manhattan. I'd make a cheap joke about the G train, but I'm sure Jimmy insists on traveling by mule-drawn cart.

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