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Let Go Already

Julia calls Tom to bitch about Peter. Again. Some more. She bought a copy of Peter's play, which she's going to read to find out if he's a passable writer and therefore decide if he deserves to pass judgment on Her Holiness.

Eileen is talking to her lawyer on the phone when she comes home and finds Nick in her apartment. Well, there goes your plausible deniability.

In her dressing room, Ronnie is telling Ivy how busy she is -- no time for anything but work, no time to date. Ivy tells her she dodged a bullet there, and Ronnie asked her why she dated Derek at all. Ivy says he's a genius and that even though he's really tough on actors, it's for the best. Ronnie asks if she should give Derek's way a shot.

Cut to rehearsal. They're working on a version of "I Got Love" that's much slower and more sensual than Ronnie's earlier performance, almost like it's to the beat of "Fever." Derek interrupts and says they're doing it wrong. He tells her the song needs to be a celebration of a woman getting laid rather than finding puppy love, and all but shouts at her to get comfortable with her body -- and with the dancers' bodies. Very constructive, Derek. Yelling at people to relax and grope strangers is always so effective!

Ronnie starts the song over, which Derek still hollering at her about how she's only ever played saints and virgins, but surely she was acting? I dunno, with that momager hovering, it would be tough to get laid. Tom and Cynthia both interrupt. Ronnie stops singing and Linda calls a ten-minute break. Derek and Cynthia decide to tear it up now, with Cynthia threatening to have him replaced with Tom if Derek doesn't stop making Ronnie uncomfortable. Derek tells her to do it and Cynthia further says she'll let it get out that he was pushing Ronnie "in a sexual direction that she didn't like." That is... kind of what's he's doing, no?

Eileen's apartment. Nick tells her he's going to turn himself in and Eileen begs him not to. He tells her he can't keep running and doesn't want to see her career ruined because she fell for the wrong guy. Eileen asks him to just come to bed and they'll figure it out in the morning. He agrees.

Derek walks out the stage door, telling Ivy he's never had his name on something he didn't believe in, which is what this show is turning into. She tells him he's being a baby, that he doesn't understand what this show means to Ronnie: it's about her whole life, rather than just work and it's scaring her. Derek asks what he should do and Ivy tells her to let Ronnie sing whatever she wants.

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