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Let Go Already

Derek and Tom are running through the song list, which is all standards, none of them under forty years old. Tom is clipped and pissy, so Derek asks him what's wrong and Tom says he made a mistake not listening to Jimmy's song. Derek says that direction isn't where Ronnie and Cynthia wanted to go and Tom accuses him of caving in, which Derek denies. Momentarily. Tom pulls out the song and leaves it on the table for Derek.

Kyle is still looking for Jimmy in all the bars of Brooklyn He's singing Billy Joel's "Everybody Loves You Now," which is a touch on the nose, but hey, Kyle is finally singing! Hooray! Derek reads the song, "I Can't Let Go." Karen texts Kyle. Eileen is in a car with her lawyer.

The vocal switches to Ronnie, staring at herself in a mirror, then on stage, singing to the empty theater. Ivy watches from the wings and claps when Ronnie finishes, telling her she should sing that in the concert. Ronnie wishes she could, but she sardonically says it isn't very "up," and it wouldn't do to start changing things. Yeesh. Can Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields please do an intervention for poor Ronnie? I'd settle for Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson, even.

Karen finds high-as-a-kite Jimmy in the alley behind the theater. She asks him what's going on, and he asks her if he screwed everything up -- all he seems to know is that everyone was angry. He rambles junkily and she tries to bring him inside so he can lie down. He doesn't want to go in there, where everyone will see what a mess he is, but Karen says going back proves he can handle rejection. (Um, it doesn't prove he can handle it well. And didn't get Ivy get shit on for all of last season for handling rejection just this well?) She compares it to when she didn't get to play Marilyn -- except that you did, you selfish cow -- and Jimmy says he was waiting for her. He kisses her and this could not be a worse idea. Except he is so adorable that I am beginning to forgive him for being a dick, because I am weak. She drags him inside.

At Tom's apartment, Peter and Julia are having glasses of wine and she asks if this is his plan for fixing her show -- day drinking. Well, it's the only way I'd watch Bombshell. He says he's improvising and she asks what will happen if she doesn't have the talent to write something that counts. He tells her she already has -- he's seen all of her shows and they count. Julia tells him to give Gretchen a gold star for recognizing how much better she is at writing men than women, "which is so strange," she says, "because Marilyn is who I'm most captivated by. Just like they were, I guess." Blarg. Peter asks her to repeat herself -- that Marilyn was defined by men and Julia identifies with the men.

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