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Let Go Already

That's the aha moment: she rattles off the men and says the show is about how the men saw Marilyn rather than Marilyn herself. Every scene should be from a man's point of view, she says--which, awesome, that's what we need, another scintillating investigation of the male gaze. Julia grabs a bunch of books off her shelf and says they need to start with Marilyn's first husband. Jesus, Peter. I expect better of you.

Jerry comes into Eileen's office and asks how the deposition went. She tells him Nick turned himself in and told the feds she didn't know about the mob money, but she confessed that she did know. Jerry asks if she gets to keep Bombshell and Eileen says, "Not exactly."

Cynthia finds Ronnie backstage and demands to know what she's wearing -- it's a spaghetti-strap white minidress with silver beading and it's really pretty. She thinks Derek has talked Ronnie into something, but Ronnie says if she's going to give up a real life for her career then she's going to love what she's doing, and she loves Derek's work. She tells her mom to go sit down. I'm so sure she can completely overhaul it as Linda is calling the dancers to take their places!

Showtime. Ronnie's doing "I Got Love" Derek's way and it seems to have come together beautifully without any additional rehearsal! TV magic is really something. In the audience, Cynthia has her Concerned Face on. Karen and Ivy are paired together for part of the dance and they look like they want to stab each other, especially when they have to grab each other's asses. The song finishes and Jimmy shows up in the wings next to Kyle, wearing a collared shirt and tie like a big boy. He apologizes to Kyle, who's not really ready to hear it, and says it doesn't matter anyway, since Ronnie isn't doing their song.

But! She tells the audience she wants to end with a new song and Jimmy and Kyle stare at each other, shocked and nauseous. Backup singers Karen and Ivy are sitting on stools on the opposite side of the stage from where Ronnie is next to the piano. As she sings "I Can't Let Go," Kyle looks like his heart is growing four sizes, while Jimmy is just staring, dazed. Probably still high. Derek gazes on approvingly, because he loves nothing more than being right. Even Cynthia likes it, probably because it doesn't really feel that risky or raw, but that might be because Jennifer Hudson just did "And I Am Telling You" two days ago, and there is a star-making barn-burner that makes people stop looking at you like an American Idol loser and gets you a damn Oscar. This is fine. It's just not great.

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